Securonix Threat Research Labs to Present Techniques for SCADA Attack Detection to Protect Critical Infrastructure at RSA 2019

Addison, TX – February 20, 2019Securonix, the leader in next-gen SIEM, today announced that Oleg Kolesnikov, VP of Threat Research and head of Securonix Research Labs, and Harshvardhan Parashar, Securonix Security Researcher, will present research on SCADA attacks at RSA 2019, the annual cybersecurity conference held in San Francisco next month. The essential role of SCADA networks in critical infrastructure makes their protection of the utmost importance in both the public and private sectors. The team will discuss indicators of ICS/SCADA attack behavior patterns and techniques for detecting them.

WHO: Oleg Kolesnikov, VP of Threat Research and head of Securonix Research Labs

Harshvardhan Parashar, Securonix Security Researcher

WHAT: SCADA Attack Detection 101

This talk will focus on ICS/SCADA attack detection. Attendees will learn about some of the basic ICS/SCADA attack behaviors and the relevant logs. Kolesnikov will then delve into some of the fundamental techniques SOC analysts can use to detect SCADA attacks, including using ML/anomaly detection. The presentation will include a demo of ICS/SCADA attack detection in practice.

WHERE: RSA 2019, San Francisco, Marriott The Sandbox Stage

WHEN: Wednesday, March 6 at 10:50 a.m. – 11:20 a.m. P.T.

Securonix Threat Research Labs team monitors the cybersecurity threat landscape, analyzes and deconstructs the activity to identify behavioral anomalies and indicators of compromise for cyber threats, exploitable vulnerabilities, insider threats, financial fraud, nation-state activity, application attacks, and many other types of cyber threats. Recent Securonix Threat Research Labs publications include reports on Cloud Infrastructure/Hadoop/YARN attacks, the British Airways Breach/Magecart, KRONOS/Osiris Banking Trojan Attack, and more. For a full listing of reports go to:

About Securonix

Securonix is defining Next-Gen SIEM using the power of big data and machine learning. Built on the open Hadoop platform, the Securonix Next-Gen SIEM provides unlimited scalability and log management, behavior analytics-based advanced threat detection, and automated incident response on a single platform. Globally, customers use Securonix to address their insider threat, cyber threat, cloud security and application security monitoring requirements.

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