Finding the Signal Through the Noise: Quantifying SIEM Effectiveness

Information Security, SIEM

Securonix partnered with the Cyentia Institute to analyze how organizations are using their Cloud SIEM. The goal? To quantify our assumptions and findings in a way that can help organizations calibrate what’s going on in their environments and help them hone the efficiency and effectiveness of their threat detection. They looked at a dataset of more than 54 billion events, fed into more than 154k policies generating an average of more than 750k violations per hour.

The resulting report is full of interesting findings. More data sources, for example, will beget exponentially more policies. More policies generate more signals. What about the data sources? Which ones are the most commonly integrated into the SIEM? A cloud-based Next-Gen SIEM can help organizations separate the signal from the noise, but how do you optimize your deployment to get the most value?

Download this white paper to find out more.