The Eight Capabilities to Look for in a Next-Generation SIEM

In order to secure critical assets, organizations have made significant investments in security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. However, legacy SIEM solutions were first designed roughly 25 years ago to handle the security landscape that existed at that time. This means that legacy SIEMs are ill-equipped to handle the rising volume and complexity of data. The result is that they have a fundamental inability to detect or hunt for today’s advanced threats in real time.

What enterprises need today is a next-generation SIEM that has been built to address the security challenges faced by today’s organizations. A next-generation SIEM is able to scale to support the massive data volumes generated by modern IT systems and applications, analyze this data at machine speed, and detect advanced threats in real time.

Download and read this whitepaper to discover the eight essential capabilities to look for when deciding on a next-generation SIEM solution.