Top 5 Insider Threat Profiles a Next-Gen SIEM Can Detect

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Findlay Whitelaw, Sr. Director, Insider Threat Program, Securonix; Tyler Williams, Principal Detection Engineer, Securonix

About this talk

With insider threats persisting, our webinar looks at how threat models bring real-life cases and incidents to life. Our experts offer an overview of five distinct insider threat profiles and show how their behaviors and activities can be signals for threats. They also demonstrate how the SIEM can enhance the abilities of insider risk teams and security operations center analysts and help broaden their risk mitigation capabilities through contextual analytics that supports and informs enlightened action. We will discuss the primary threat profiles that are impacting organizations globally. These will include impact areas such as:

– Theft

– Sabotage

– Fraud

– Unintentional threats

– Personnel security

Expect to hear more about the contrast between these categorized threat profiles to assist your insider threat detection capabilities to quickly identify the different insider risk profiles:

– Entitled Independent

– Ambitious Leader

– Misaligned Saboteur

– Frontline Fraudster

– Accidental Insider Risk

Watch at 10:00 AM PDT, 16 March

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Watch at 10:00 AM BST, 28 March

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Watch at 11:30 AM IST, 30 March

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