These Securonix Services Support Terms form a part of the Agreement and govern Securonix’s provision of support services. Mission Critical Support is offered as a paid upgrade from the default Standard Support provided with the procurement of Services. These Securonix Services Support Terms may be updated from time to time, and the current version will be updated online.

Securonix provides a web-based support portal for submitting cases and tracking case status. Case priorities are assigned based on the technical importance of the problem and handled based on case priority levels as outlined below. When submitting a case, Customers will select the priority for initial response by logging the case online, in accordance with the priority guidelines set forth below. Securonix Customer Support may change the priority if the issue does not conform to the criteria for the selected priority and will provide Customers with notice (electronic or otherwise) of such change. Support is provided by Securonix’s support centers around the world. Support will be delivered by the technical support team during their regional hours of operation.

Priority   Standard Support Mission Critical Support
P1 Services are completely inaccessible. P1 cases are considered to be outages and will be triaged until resolved. Support Hours 24/7 x 365 24/7 x 365
Initial Acknowledgement* 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Status Updates+ 1x Daily Every 30 Minutes
P2 One of more key features of the Services are unusable. Examples of P2 cases include the inability to access the instance, data ingestion issues, and analytics not functioning. Support Hours 24/7 x 365 24/7 x 365
Initial Acknowledgement* 4 Hours 2 Hours
Status Updates+ 1x Weekly 3x Daily
P3 Any other case where the Services are not operating as documented or when the Services are being used within the Entitlements and there is a material degradation in the performance of the Services. Support Hours 24/7 x 365 24/7 x 365
Initial Acknowledgement* 48 Hours 24 Hours
Status Updates+ None 1 x Daily
P4 P4 cases are general inquiries and include enhancement requests for additional services or functionalities. Support Hours Standard Business Hours^
Initial Acknowledgement* 72 Hours 48 Hours
Status Updates+ None 1 Update within 48 Hours


* The initial acknowledgment will be from the time of notification of the case either from internal monitoring or Customer escalation.

+ Status updates will be limited to meaningful case status updates.

^ Standard Business Hours are defined as Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time, excluding Securonix observed holidays.

Customer’s Obligation to Assist

If Customer submits a case pursuant to these Securonix Services Support Terms, Securonix may require Customer’s reasonable cooperation. The Customer’s failure to provide the requested cooperation may prevent Securonix from resolving such case as submitted by Customer. Case status updates may be delayed if Securonix requires and has requested a response from the Customer to address the incident and Customer’s response is delayed.