Actionable Security Intelligence

The Securonix Platform is a purpose-built advanced security analytics technology that mines, enriches, analyzes, scores and visualizes customer data into actionable intelligence on the highest risk threats from within and outside their environment. Using signature-less anomaly detection techniques that track users, account, and system behavior Securonix is able to automatically and accurately detect the most advanced data security, insider threats and fraud attacks.

  • Signature-less behavior based analytics for detecting insider and targeted cyber attacks
  • User centric monitoring across hosts, network and applications
  • Privileged account monitoring and misuse detection
  • Over 90% reduction in security events warranting investigations

Proven Enterprise-Grade Capabilities Delivered Out-of-the-Box

User-Identity Out of The Box Security Analytics

Securonix’s team of Scientists and Analysts continuousy builds and updates threat models specific to data sources and industries. With its list of marquee customers Securonix has the most comprehensive and mature set of behavior based threat models in the industry.

Insider-Threat Full-Context Monitoring with Real-Time Entity Correlation

As identity, account, activity and security event information flows into Securonix it is continuously correlated back to an “entity” (i.e. a user, account, system, device, or an organizational unit). This provides a single console view and the full context on any security event, user, account, end-point or system for better detection and faster response.

Behavior-Profile Behavior-based Anomaly Detection

Securonix uses Patent Pending signature-less threat detection algorithms paired with known risk boosters and third party intelligence to continuously scan your data to pinpoint rogue activities, abnormal security events, and access privileges. The Securonix solution utilizes multiple algorithms working in harmony to detect unseen attacks launched from within or outside the perimeter of your organization.

Access-Intelligence Real Time Behavior Based Analytics

Securonix provides realtime enrichment and source specific behavior analysis of data and events as it is captured. The Securonix Real Time Analyzer ™ analyzes petabytes of data in real time for known and unknown threats.

Access-Intelligence Personalized and Prioritized Threat and Risk Dashboards

Organizations face different types of threats and have dedicated teams to investigate and manage each threat category. Securonix provides the capability to set up different threat categories and associate threat indicators with each one. More importantly, Securonix risk ranks users, systems and applications based on the different threat categories. Security professionals can now easily see the riskiest users and systems and investigate them.

Access-Intelligence Data Driven Link Analysis & Investigation

Everything that an investigator needs on one screen! Investigate any identified threat, security event, user, account, or system using the Investigation Workbench, which provides data-driven link analysis and visualization, allowing a user to link users, accounts, systems, activity, and violations together for rapid “single pane” investigations.

Access-IntelligenceData Level Security and Privacy Controls

Built to gather and generate sensitive information on users and other sources, Securonix provides the complete capability to secure, mask, encrypt and enable the controlled authorized access to this information, which is in alignment with the most stringent data security and privacy requirements in the industry.


Securonix uses a combination of Big Data technologies married with a leading Indexing capability to provide a horizontally scalable solution to meet your security analytics needs. The Securonix solution is used today to analyze billions of transactions on a daily basis.

Integration with Existing Technologies

Through its large and mature ecosystem of technology partners Securonix provides over 100 out of box connectors and integrations to import Identity, Access, Activity, Processes, Services and Violation data. In addition Securonix also provides the ability to block user activity and de-provision users using your existing deployments.

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