Cutting-Edge Security Analytics Drive Securonix’s Position as Best SIEM Solution

SC Magazine’s annual Trust Awards are recognized throughout the security industry as the gold standard of excellence in cybersecurity. Winners of the Trust Award are chosen by a distinguished group of leading IT security professionals selected by SC Media’s editorial team.

We at Securonix are thrilled and honored that Securonix’s Next Generation SIEM solution has been recognized by SC Magazine as the Best Security Information And Event Management (SIEM) Solution in their 2018 Trust Awards.

Securonix’s Decade Long Vision Bears Fruit

Being named as the Best SIEM Solution ahead of several very qualified competitors is a testament to our mission to transform security monitoring with an innovative next generation platform and technology. With a machine learning based approach and a big data platform, we are providing best-of-breed analytics and architecture to defend against advanced threats. Securonix is a disruptive agent of change in the SIEM market and is best positioned to replace legacy SIEM’s that are failing to stand up to the challenge.

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SC Magazine points out three specific factors that lead them to name Securonix the Best SIEM Solution:

Noise Reduction

Unlike legacy SIEM solutions that rely on signatures, Securonix detects advanced threats using a combination of patented machine learning and statistical analytic models. Using threat chains, Securonix correlates and analyzes events from multiple sources and stiches together a sequence of events in order to predict, detect, and contain attacks that would be invisible to legacy solutions.

According to SC Magazine, this approach means that Securonix reduces the number of security alerts customers see by up to 95 percent. This saves your security team valuable time, and lets you get back to business faster.

Flexible Deployment Options

Choose the deployment model that fits your business needs. You can deploy Securonix on-premises, in the cloud as Securonix Cloud, or through one of our MSSP partners. No matter how you choose to deploy, you can enjoy all the capabilities of Securonix without needing to compromise.

Cost Competitiveness

Unlike legacy solutions which typically charge by events per second (EPS) or gigabyte, Securonix charges by identity, which means that costs are predictable. It can also be deployed on commodity hardware, making it much more cost efficient compared to legacy products with proprietary requirements. SC Magazine reports that customers typically see up to 70 percent savings when deploying Secruonix compared to competitive solutions

Moving Forward

The SC Magazine Trust Award for Best SIEM Solution confirms and builds on previous recognition from analysts such as Gartner in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM as well as numerous other industry awards and recognition. Refusing to rest on our laurels, Securonix continues to move forward and disrupt the market with a new, innovative, and more effective approach to security monitoring.

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