From Analytics to Intelligence

Over the past decade, businesses have gotten to the point that they are creating so much information that it has become almost impossible to track and understand.  When businesses want to gain insights into their operations, they no longer print a couple of reports to look at, the amount of information that needs to be evaluated has become so large that businesses must consolidate and correlate the data in order to get results that are insightful and help drive decisions.

This transformation did not pass over the security operations side of the business.  Security operations have gone through very significant changes and investments over the past few years, growing from perimeter and basic end point defense to much more in depth protection of the organizational information.  From intrusion detection and prevention to application layer firewalls and data leakage prevention, security has been generating more and more data over the last few years, making it almost impossible to determine where the real threats are.
Islands of information

Enter the era of analytics.  By aggregating all the different data sources into central repositories of information, organizations are now able to run reports on a more complete set of data, allowing them to generate more valuable information that is coming simultaneously from multiple sources of information.  This allows them to create queries that will look at the aggregate information and provide a consolidated report.  Downside?  Oh yes! This type of operation requires a very large investment in time and skills.   Organizations had to develop the skill set that will allow them to search the data, analyze the results and gain understanding.


Still, having an analytics engine to run queries on is fine when you know what you are looking for.  Unfortunately, in the security space, more often than not, you have no idea what you are looking for.  From emerging threats that don’t yet have signatures to insider threats that never will, security risks move too quickly and stealthily to be easily targeted by the right query in order to be uncovered.

Enter the Age of Intelligence

What if you had a system that could automatically identify emerging threats, insider theft, advanced persistent attacks and alert you to them without you having to actively look for them?  What if your security analysts did not need to sift through millions of event records looking for the needle in the haystack?

Well, they can.  With innovative solutions being introduced by Securonix, your organization will be protected like never before, your security team will be more productive and focused and your overall company’s security posture will significantly improve.

How is this achieved?

By feeding on all the data sources in the organization and creating a behavior profile for the objects in the organization including users, infrastructure and critical applications, Securonix will provide you with a risk dashboard, always showing you  what the highest risks to your organization are at any given time.  From there, by simply clicking on the relevant alerts and performing a highly visualized forensic investigation, you will achieve great results in no time.  It’s time to forget about searching for the needle in the hay stack, it’s now time to focus on actual risks and threats and mitigate them before the damage occurs.


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