Partner Profiles – Think|Stack

Information Security, SIEM

In mid-2019 Securonix started a significant investment in its partner program – this includes both VARs and MSSPs that have chosen to make the Securonix Security Operations and Analytics Platform the heart of their companies’ operations. As part of an occasional series, Partner Profiles, we thought we would share with you some thoughts on these partners and what they add to the positive outcomes end customers want.

Think|Stack became a partner in the fall of 2019. At the time they were looking to migrate their internal SIEM solution, and were also looking to make sure that the solution they used could be expanded be a core element of their managed and co-managed SIEM and SOC solutions. With clients in highly regulated verticals such as finance and healthcare, they needed something more than ‘off the shelf.’

But Think|Stack also existed successfully before their relationship with Securonix. Lets discuss the how and why of that.

Think|Stack transforms and protects organizations by putting people before technology. Their name is intentional. “Think” is rooted in design thinking – reimagining how technology can support business goals and process. “Stack” is the delivery of leading cloud (AWS), networking, and cybersecurity platforms and services. Think|Stack works with organizations who are committed to transformation and who understand the importance of co-managed technology partnerships.

Think|Stack’s selection and implementation of Securonix across their client base and as the SIEM center of their 24/7 SOC service is a perfect example of this methodology.

Facing a continually evolving and increasingly sophisticated cyber threat landscape, organizations face challenges from multiple angles. Sourcing and retaining the talent needed to staff an in-house security team is difficult, expensive, and unnecessary. Think|Stack, in partnership with Securonix, provides an outsourced, multi-tiered, and scalable solution that delivers the support organizations need to take a proactive approach to fighting cybercrime.

Chris Sachse, the CEO of Think|Stack, said this of the partnership and selection: “The product’s ability to combine data insights with business and user experiences makes cybersecurity more tangible. It provides a connection between the bits and bytes of a network and the business process, creating the context needed to properly analyze security data, triage, and then act.”

In combination with the power of AWS – of whom Think|Stack and Securonix are both Advanced Partners – this holistic cloud/NOC/SOC solution provides a powerful, resilient platform that ensures security and powers innovation.

“Think|Stack defines the concept of transformational,” said Chris Ostertag, Chief Revenue Officer of Securonix. “In a short time they have not only become self-sufficient at onboarding clients to the Securonix Platform, but have also contributed back to Securonix improvements to both the technology as well as the processes of our SIEM solution.”

Think|Stack is charting a new path in managed and co-managed SIEM solutions and Securonix is proud to be their partner.