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AWS and Enterprise SIEM – Why the Cloud Should Host Your SIEM

By Jon Garside, Director of Product Marketing at Securonix (still just a geek in a suit)

Hybrid is the new standard in defined enterprise environment. A mixture of on-premises, VM, cloud infrastructure, and cloud applications is now a normal enterprise topology. Security vendors, including Securonix, have been quick to tout multi-cloud visibility and integration. However, while hybrid environments have become normal, they lack a defined reference architecture or best practice guide, which makes choosing a security vendor more difficult.

Recognizing this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) created the AWS Competency Program. To be certified as an AWS Security Competency Partner, vendors need to demonstrate both technical proficiency and have successful customer deployments in the AWS environment. In doing so they can differentiate themselves in specialized solution areas.

Securonix is at the forefront of SaaS SIEM. We take justifiable pride our status as the #1 cloud SIEM and the only enterprise SIEM solution that delivers critical SIEM capabilities with a cloud only solution. Securonix Next-Gen SIEM can deliver SIEM as a service, independently tested and verified by the largest cloud provider in the industry, AWS.

Securonix Next-Gen SIEM is Securonix’s secure, multitenant SIEM as a service offering. It integrates with all three major cloud providers, AWS, Azure, and Google. With AWS, however, Securonix has taken the extra step of gaining AWS Security Competency Partner status because AWS is the platform that Securonix has chosen to host Securonix Next-Gen SIEM.

This certification has three primary benefits for Securonix customers:

  • AWS Security Competency lowers planning, deployment, and time to operation schedules.
  • Clients can be assured of Securonix’s claims to superior operational flexibility, scalability, and cost predictability.
  • Securonix Next-Gen SIEM’s integration with both the AWS environment and existing AWS security architecture and tools.

Securonix’s analytics-driven approach is designed to lower the operational burden on our customer’s security teams so they can refocus manpower from security tool management to threat resolution. AWS Security Competency Partner certification will allow Securonix to get them to that point faster.

AWS enables scalability and flexibility. It has been proven as a cost-effective option for companies ranging from startups to global 100 enterprises. Following that, the seamless integration and simplified deployment of security operations tools is a natural next step that we are now taking with Securonix.

Learn more about what Securonix Next-Gen SEIM can do for you.

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