Q3 Empower Hour Recap: Transforming an Organization through Personal Change


Securonix recently held the third installment of its quarterly EmpowerHour series with a focus on transforming an organization through personal change. The series, spearheaded by Securonix’s Chief People Officer, Dilshan Ratnayake, emphasizes the company’s commitment to creating an inclusive culture so people can become their best. The most recent event provided employees with an opportunity to learn from our esteemed Core Leadership Development Partners from Alonos, Dr. Maria Gomez Albrecht and Dr. Dale J. Albrecht. Attendees also had the chance to engage in meaningful conversations with Securonix peers including Sara Kingsley, Director of Product Marketing, Shareth Ben VP of Customer Success, and Aditya Tirumalai Sundararam, Senior Director of Cyber Threat Analytics, during a Fireside Chat. Conversations during the hour centered around the meaning of personal development and how we can all continue to evolve as individuals and leaders.

“Transformation is everyone’s responsibility. Organizational transformation is a journey that takes us from where we are now to the future. It needs to start with leadership at every single layer and level of the organization—not just at the top.” explained Dr. Maria Gomez Albrecht.

Additional key discussion topics of the session included:

  • How to transform by applying influential tactics used by well-known transformational leaders
  • How to build a leadership plan for your present and future success
  • Identifying habits, obstacles, and behaviors preventing you from growing as a leader
  • How to change your thinking and enable others to succeed with you
  • Learning how to apply various business and leadership tools to increase your success working with all members of the organization, including upper management and the c-suite.

The goal of transformation is improvement. Securonix is committed to continuing to empower its people with the resources and tools needed to bolster both personal and professional transformation, and these EmpowerHour sessions are just one of the many ways we do this.

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