Securonix Director of Insider Threat Stewart Draper Launches Executive Briefing Tour

Insider threat guru Stewart Draper is bringing his expertise to leading enterprises from coast to coast with an executive briefing tour called “Building an Almost Free Insider Threat Program.”

“Never has the insider threat been more pervasive,” says Draper. “Nearly half of all corporate data breaches can be attributed to employees. But we do have new strategies that have proven effective at protecting enterprise from the insider threats that were historically impossible to detect. I’m excited to share these tools with those at the front lines of cybersecurity.”

Draper serves as Director of Insider Threat Programs at Securonix. Previously, he led the creation of one of the financial industry’s most sophisticated insider threat intelligence programs focused on behavioral analysis at Bank of America. Draper is also Co-Founder of the CERT Insider Threat Consortium. He is a sought after thought leader, go-to commentator for insight into current cyber security events, and he is a security commentator in national and industry media.

“Building an Almost Free Insider Threat Program” is designed to help organizations asses their current insider threat program maturity level, develop insider threat expertise within their security teams, share best practices and identify steps that can be taken now to defend their organization from insider threats.

Briefings can be customized to each organization’s needs. To schedule a briefing at your organization, email [email protected].

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