Securonix With Opora Offers Preemptive Behavioral Analytics That Complement Next-Generation SIEM Analytics

Attackers know that people are the weakest link inside a corporation. That’s why attacks targeting employees are on the rise.

Being able to detect and respond to user-based threats is more important than ever. That’s why many organizations are purchasing a user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) solution to use with their legacy SIEM solution, or a next-generation SIEM, which offers more advanced analytic capabilities included.

But what if you could go a step further? What if you could utilize analytics to proactively stop currently active threats?

Securonix, integrated with Opora, addresses this need for pre-emptive detection and response. You can now benefit from pre-attack adversary behavior analytics that protects against emerging threats.

What is Adversary Behavior Analytics?

Adversary behavior analytics (ABA) is a new analytics approach that compliments UEBA by monitoring the human behavior behind the attack in order to close the gap. ABA learns the characteristic behaviors that occur before an attack, during an attack, and after an attack to identify characteristic activities and indicators. Then, Opora uses that knowledge to look for those behavior patterns in your network to detects threats early and prevent future attacks. ABA is able to deliver automated preemptive actions to prevent attacks and contain adversaries, giving you increased visibility into ever-changing attack behaviors.

How Do Securonix and Opora Work Together?

Securonix Next-Gen SIEM provides end-to-end security by using machine learning algorithms to detect threats and provides incident response capabilities for faster remediation. Securonix Next-Gen SIEM ingests data from Opora in order to provide context-enriched data that can be used to improve risk prioritization, thereby reducing false alerts and accelerating your response. This enhanced analytics capability empowers you to secure remote employees and defend against many pervasive attack methods, such as business email compromise, ransomware, and fraud.

Overall security teams benefit from using ABA integrated with Securonix.

The Benefits of Integration

Threat Preparation: Adversary Monitoring

  • Better prepare for threats by analyzing real-time threats across the enterprise.
  • Improve threat preparation and incident triage by knowing which assets are being targeted.

Threat Prevention: Block Adversary Domains

  • Pre-emptively block an attack across your entire infrastructure.
  • Reduce the number of incidents to investigate through prioritization scores and reduced false positives.

Threat Containment: Hunt and Contain Threats

  • High fidelity threat analysis reduces attacker dwell times.
  • Alerts enriched with adversary analysis streamline incident investigation workflows.

Want to learn more?

Read the solution brief Securonix + Opora: Adversary Behavior Analytics for Threat Detection and Response


contact Securonix today for additional information on the exciting new behavioral analytics we can provide with Opora.

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