Stay Ahead of Advanced Threats With Securonix Content Manager

Deploying up-to-date threat content is crucial to maintain a strong security posture, but requires significant skills and resources to accomplish. No matter how mature a security team is, they can’t be in all places at once. With staff shortages and a constantly evolving threat landscape, SOC resources are often maxed out, making it difficult to deploy proactive security measures based on the latest threat. That’s where Securonix comes into play.

At Securonix, we continue to invest to improve threat content and our Next-Gen SIEM solution. Our threat research team, Securonix Threat Labs, added several key hires and is ramping up to deliver more threat content than ever before to our customers in 2022.  Additionally, the Jupiter 6.4 release significantly improves our customer’s processes around managing threat content with our new Content Manager feature.

Content Manager provides you with a seamless way to update and distribute threat content. With Content Manager, new content is readily available and easier than ever to deploy, reducing the time to value for your SIEM and lowering detection and response times.


How It Works

Updating threat content can be a manual and taxing process. Securonix alleviates this burden by delivering content as a service and simplifying the way security teams create and manage threat detection content. Here’s how it works.


Step 1. New updates appear in real time, directly on the platform.


Step 2. Easily review updates and decide which content is relevant for your organization.

Content Manager pushes out updates for both existing and new content to make them available to customers when they opt in. You are able to get timely content that is released as it is produced versus having to coincide with upgrades of the core platform. Securonix also gives you the ability to be selective with updates and customize them to meet your unique security needs. 


Step 3. Deploy updates with the click of a button.

After selecting the content you’d like to implement the update is then deployed with a simple click of a button. Content Manager is also great for managed service providers as it allows them to customize content deployments across different tenants.


Simplified Detection Through Better Content Management

Content Manager simplifies the way your team deploys and manages threat content. It gives you the ability to deploy new policies from Securonix and update connectors, parsers, policies, and threat intelligence to the most current version. Additionally, security teams are able to test new content before moving it into a production environment with Sandbox

Content Manager provides your team with valuable air cover and the following benefits:

  • Faster detection of the latest cloud-based threats. 
  • Access to pre-built reports, dashboards, policies, and threat models.
  • Simplified management of threat content across multi-cloud environments.


Vast Threat Coverage Across Your Entire IT Ecosystem

With Content Manager’s automated updates, your security team can reduce the time it takes them to detect new threats, no matter where they come from. Content Manager even allows you to keep track of your coverage of the MITRE ATT&CK framework and detect and close those security gaps. Content Manager provides important threat coverage including (but not limited to):

  • Network-Based Threats: Network scanning and enumeration, brute force, suspicious geolocation, and threat intelligence correlation.
  • Storage-Based Threats: Storage object modification, user data modification, cloud service discovery, cloud storage sabotage, cloud storage/infrastructure sabotage, data (collection) from cloud storage objects, weak permissions, open buckets, and account discovery.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Threats: Modify cloud compute, account discovery, resource hijacking, brute force, and more.
  • EDR Threats: Powershell, phishing, malware, ransomware, lateral movement, privilege escalation, account/resource discovery, suspicious network activity, and more.
  • Identity Threats: Suspicious behaviors, fraud, credential theft, credential abuse, privileged access abuse, account takeovers, and more.
  • Email-Based Threats: Malware, fraud, phishing attempts, social engineering attacks, and more. 

We know that outdated or poorly configured threat content can cripple your SIEM. As cybercriminals get more creative with their attacks it is essential for teams to stay nimble with the way they deploy and manage threat content. Features like Content Manager alleviate some of the burdens off your team so they can focus on critical tasks. 

Securonix is empowering our customers to detect and respond to the threats of tomorrow, today. Schedule a demo to learn how.

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