Securonix Launches Summer Internship Program to Support STEM Students Entering the Cybersecurity Workforce

Sponsored by Chief People Officer Dilshan Ratnayake, Securonix is proud to announce its first formal summer internship program with approximately 50 interns across the globe, working together in a cohort. Securonix’s goal is to invest in the students, helping them develop employable skills required by the growing cybersecurity industry. The students are predominately rising college juniors and seniors with a few Master’s candidates, and most are working on STEM degrees or in other mission-critical fields needed by the cybersecurity industry.

“Securonix’s mission-critical technology allows employees and interns to explore new challenges that solve global cybersecurity problems,” Ratnayake said. “We focused on STEM students because that skillset is at the core of what we do and the talent we need to hire. These internships will help introduce students to the great work that we’re doing as well as give us exposure to the best rising talent across the globe. We want to add motivated people to our team who are ready to Become their Best.”

Securonix received many direct requests to join the program in addition to referrals from current Securonix team members. Additionally, the company attended the Woman in CyberSecurity (also known as WiCyS) event in Cleveland earlier this year, where we met several of the interns in our new cohort.

Securonix department leaders interviewed each intern to learn about their future career aspirations, current knowledge and experience levels and, most importantly, for the interns to learn more about Securonix.

The program will run for 10 weeks, and the interns will work a full-time 40-hour week. Throughout the summer, interns will navigate the program with the support of their managers, attending bi-weekly check-ins to get to know employees within the organization and the other interns, developing an internal cohort with the latter.

“We are acknowledged leaders in cybersecurity, an incredibly fast growing and competitive space,” Ratnayake continued. “The internship program deepens Securonix relationships with leaders at some of the most prestigious higher education institutions across the globe, helps the company identify top STEM talent early, and promotes our brand name among the student body when the students return to campus.”

The internship program underscores Securonix’s commitment to developing young leaders. Recently, Securonix partnered with the non-profit education provider Next Gen Cyber Talent to pilot a series of virtual training courses to bring new and diverse talent to the cybersecurity field. Developing first-time leaders has been a priority for Securonix. In 2022, Securonix invested in more than 100 under-represented, first-time, and minority leaders, creating a 16-week learning and development program to help them excel in their roles.

Ratnayake and the rest of the Executive Leadership team look forward to continuing to develop early career talent. Securonix is excited to continue to grow the internship program year over year. Apply to join the team today on the Securonix Careers site.


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