Why Platforms Win


By Jon Garside, Director of Product Marketing, Securonix

We are formally announcing something we have been selling and communicating to partners and prospective clients for months – the Securonix Security Operations and Analytics Platform. The eagle eyed amongst you will have heard Jack Poller of ESG, and myself discussing it on our recent webinar: ESG Technical and Economic Validation of Securonix SaaS.

What is the Securonix Security Operations and Analytics Platform?

It’s the natural way to discuss Securonix technology and solutions, in recognition of the threats and processing issues our customers face. In the past five months, 99% of our non-government agency business has become cloud based. 90% of customers have used their renewal as a reason to move to our secure cloud platform. This is possible because, unlike other SIEM vendors, we have complete feature parity – SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, and SDL – on-premises or in the cloud.

Our customers and partners want a reliable analytics-driven SIEM – it’s the only way to deal with a rapidly advancing threat environment when they have limited human resources.

In order to grow your security operations an integrated SOAR and NTA make sense. Maybe not today, but as you take greater control and ownership of the threats facing your enterprise, you can automate your response, and grow the detection environment. We are delighted if customers decide to use our SOAR solution, but we recognize you may already have an existing solution, or wish to use one such as Demisto, or Swimlane. That’s fine, we have fully supported integrations with them and many others. It’s the same with NTA.

Securonix Security Operations and Analytics Platform is our Gartner Magic Quadrant leading SaaS SIEM, with our award-winning UEBA at its heart (well, brain actually). All the data, alerts, alarms, and threats are stored in an open standard, secure security data lake.

Integrated SOAR and NTA, along with cloud connectors to take data from the leading cloud solutions AND cloud-based enterprise applications help harness the security data of thousands of security vendors to better understand your unique threat environment.