Securonix's Strategic Partnership With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Organizations are increasingly moving their workloads, applications, and services to cloud. Because of this transition, cyberattacks on cloud infrastructure is on the rise. Monitoring your cloud infrastructure, along with your on-premises infrastructure, on one platform is critical in order to detect and mitigate threats before they lead to a major cyber incident or data breach.

Securonix, in partnership with AWS, provides the only next-gen SIEM available as a service.

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Case Studies

Iconic Engine Monitors Security Events with Securonix Next-Gen SIEM on AWS

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Case Studies

Simeio Uses Securonix Next-Gen SIEM on AWS for Advanced Threat Detection

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Securonix for AWS

AWS is one of the most common infrastructure-as-a-service platforms for hosting critical cloud services. Securonix has direct API integration with AWS in order to collect and analyze logs across various AWS activities. It monitors AWS components for signs of advanced threats and targeted attacks, securing your AWS infrastructure.

The ‘Bring Your Own Cloud’ Program

Provides you with the benefits of Securonix’s fully managed SaaS SIEM solution while allowing you to maintain ownership of your data. Securonix hosts the core SIEM application services on its AWS account, while the data ingestion, processing and storage is hosted on your AWS account.

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