Securonix and Tanium

Enhanced Endpoint Monitoring for Advanced Persistent Threats, Zero-Day Threats, and More

Today’s Endpoint Attacks Are Too Sophisticated for Rule-Based Protection

Your organization’s endpoints face an unprecedented number of unknown, zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats (APT). Legacy endpoint protection systems, which depend on limited endpoint telemetry and rule- or signature-based protection to identify threats, cannot protect against today’s sophisticated threats.

Lack of Context: Endpoint solutions rely on limited telemetry and rules for threat identification, which often leads to both false positives and missed threats.

Advanced Tactics and Behavior: Cybersecurity adversaries are adopting innovative tactics, such as using known filenames, staying dormant for a time, or even learning user behavior to hide and avoid detection.

To detect unknown attacks, you need advanced analytics.

Securonix + Tanium in Action

Learn how a leading pharmaceutical company uses Securonix with Tanium to identify threats to vulnerable endpoints.

Securonix and Tanium: Enhanced Endpoint Monitoring Solution

The partnership between Securonix and Tanium brings together the best in endpoint security and security analytics to significantly enhance your ability to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats. Securonix’s integration with Tanium includes over 50 out-of-the-box Tanium queries across multiple product modules, including Tanium Asset, Tanium Threat Response, and Tanium Comply.

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Improved Threat Detection and Faster, More Accurate Search

Combine rich endpoint telemetry from Tanium with the advanced behavior analytics of Securonix: Securonix correlates telemetry information from Tanium with security event data from other data sources. This enriched dataset can then be used by the Securonix’s advanced analytics engine for threat prioritization, as well as threat hunting and incident response.

Hunt threats faster and more accurately: Securonix enriches Tanium events with additional context, including identity information, asset, network context, and threat intelligence, significantly reducing the time required to perform root cause analysis. Built in fast search capabilities further enhance threat hunting efficiency.

Leverage Industry-Standard MITRE ATT&CK Mapping

Chained threat identification and mappingSecuronix threat chain mapping uses Securonix threat classifications as well as the MITRE ATT&CK framework to identify attack groups; tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP); and detailed indicators of compromise (IOC).

Detailed threat information: The interface pulls useful information such as remediation information, details about other tools used by the attack group and other data that can not only help in remediating the current threat, but help identify and guard against other possible attacks that may be initiated against your organization.

Avoid False Positives and Realize Immediate Value

Over 80 built-in use cases and over 50 pre-built Tanium queries: allows you to realize value on day one, without any additional configuration.

Threat chain event visualization and better algorithms for threat identification: MITRE-based threat chaining and patented, advanced analytics enable faster identification and remediation of actual threats, while significantly reducing false positives.

Enable Detection, Investigative Search, and Action From a Single Pane of Glass

Better detection and response: Allows SOC analysts to reliably detect threats, either through automated, machine learning-driven threat identification or using built-in search and threat hunting capabilities. Once identified, responses can be automated with built-in playbooks.

Reduced MTTD and MTTR: Securonix provides out-of-the-box incident response playbooks for Tanium to automate incident response actions and significantly reduce the mean time to detect and respond (MTTD and MTTR) to incidents.

Transform Your Endpoint Security

Prioritize high-risk threats instead of low-value alerts.

Automate routine response actions for common scenarios.

Realize more value from your endpoint investment.

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