Leading Analyst Firm KuppingerCole Says Securonix Offers “Most Advanced” Real-Time Security Intelligence

San Francisco, May 22, 2017 – Securonix, the market leader in security analytics and predictive cyber threat detection, has been named one of “the most advanced” real-time security intelligence capability providers by the leading research firm KuppingerCole.

KuppingerCole evaluated Securonix’s most recent security analytics platform release – SNYPR 6.0 – in its Executive View by lead analyst and enterprise security expert Alexei Balaganski. SNYPR is a big data security analytics platform that predicts, detects and responds to cyber threats, insider threats and fraud with cutting-edge behavior analytics and machine-learning techniques. Its modular components include next generation SIEM, a big data lake with intelligent log management and the most advanced UEBA capabilities available. Customers may choose to deploy the complete, end-to-end platform or any set of its modules.

According to Balaganski, “Last year, we declared that the Securonix Security Analytics Platform can be considered one of the most advanced implementations of the Real-Time Security Intelligence concept. With the new 6.0 release, the company has closed the remaining functional gaps and addressed other issues such as a complicated product portfolio and the lack of managed services, thus further reaffirming our verdict.”

“KuppingerCole is the third major analyst firm this year to conclude that Securonix delivers the most advanced security analytics capabilities for the detection of advanced threats. It seems the analyst community has reached a consensus,” said Securonix CEO Sachin Nayyar.

SNYPR was developed to deliver on the promise that security information and event monitoring tools (SIEM) failed to fulfill: automated, accurate, real-time detection of advanced threats. To meet this challenge, SNYPR ingests nearly limitless volumes of data from hundreds of data sources, enriches the data with context at the point of ingestion and applies advanced behavior analytics and
machine learning in real-time to identify complex, advanced threats that are invisible to legacy SIEM.

“A key differentiator of the Securonix SNYPR platform is its flexibility and extensibility; it provides a broad range of predefined threat models and over 350 out-of-the-box connectors to identity management and security tools to collect identity data, access and entitlements, as well as activities and violations from existing corporate infrastructure. What positions Securonix apart from many other players in this market is the platform’s extensibility, comprehensive set of out-of-the-box contents, and a broad range of connectors and integrations with third party identity management and security products,” said Balaganski.

SNYPR comes packaged with over 1,000 out-of-the-box threat models for insider threat, cyber threat, compliance, cloud security and fraud, many industry-specific business use cases, and access to the Securonix Threat Model Exchange, a library of threat models sourced from the company’s cross-industry customer base and intelligence sources. SNYPR’s reporting and response features are as advanced as its threat detection capabilities, with elegant visualizations, automated compliance reports, and customizable incident response workflows based on industry best practices.

“SNYPR is closing the gap between security analytics and legacy SIEM by enhancing or even replacing its threat detection capabilities and automating the end-to-end security requirements that tend to overwhelm security teams. It’s an army of analysts in one, at machine-speed,” said Securonix CTO Tanuj Gulati.

“With their latest release, based on the open and standard-based big data model, the company has addressed the need for scalability and long-term storage for companies that are looking to deploy the solution as an end-to-end platform for log management, SIEM and Security Analytics,” said Balaganski.

KuppingerCole’s Executive View comes just weeks after reports by Gartner and Forrester. In all, the three major analyst firms praise Securonix SNYPR for its cutting-edge analytics, maturity, industry leadership and customer satisfaction.

To obtain your free copy of the KuppingerCole Executive View, please click here.

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