Securonix Launches Expanded Partner Program to Bring the Benefits of AI-Reinforced CyberOps & New Pricing Structure for Solution and Services Providers

Leveraging Securonix EON and harnessing Amazon Bedrock and Anthropic’s Claude 3, new program helps companies defend against AI-powered attacks

ADDISON, Texas – June 11, 2024 – Securonix, Inc., a market leader in AI-Reinforced CyberOps, today launched an expanded partner program that enables solution and services providers, including Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), Value Added Resellers (VARS), Technology Partners, Systems Integrators, and Technology Services Distributors (TSD) to leverage the new AI-Reinforced CyberOps capabilities in the recently launched Securonix EON. The enhanced Securonix partner program, now called Securonix Elevate, offers new, tiered pricing based on program levels, as well as enablement and marketing benefits and training.   

As part of the expanded Securonix partner program, the company is moving to a standardized consumption model for its Unified Defense SIEM, based on gigabytes per day. This shift provides Securonix partners with a familiar pricing model that simplifies go-to-market efforts and makes it easier to sell the market-leading platform to their customers. 

“The goal of our newly expanded partner program is to streamline the way our partners do business with us and empower them to effectively meet their customers’ needs,” said Mark Stevens, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Securonix. “Our revised and standardized pricing model facilitates easier bundling of services and quicker market entry for our partners. We are also excited to introduce Securonix EON, our groundbreaking suite of AI-Reinforced capabilities, which includes Insider Threat Psycholinguistics, Adaptive Threat Modeling, and InvestigateRX. These innovations arm partners with industry-leading AI capabilities to deliver superior threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) to their customers.”

Key features of Securonix Elevate include:

  • New pricing and product packages based on a GB/day consumption model
  • Securonix EON’s new AI-Reinforced Capabilities to address expanded customer use cases 
  • Enhanced partner enablement and certification 
  • User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) as a standalone solution to expand sales and services opportunities beyond SIEM replacement cycles
  • Referral model for Agents and Affiliates
  • OEM technology licensing for technology partners
  • Co-branded partner marketing and enhanced an Market Development Funds (MDF) program

With Securonix’s five-time Magic Quadrant-leading SIEM solution, combined with its cutting-edge AI-Reinforced CyberOps advancements in Securonix EON, Securonix partners can build customer solutions that address a wider range of use cases. For example, as AI increases insider threats, Securonix is releasing its UEBA as a standalone solution that partners can offer to customers as a tool that can run on the customer’s existing SIEM platform to more quickly identify and thwart insider threats. In addition, Securonix EON’s Insider Threat Psycholinguistics provides partners with a best-of-breed AI-Reinforced offering to make precise security decisions with greater speed, precision and efficacy to counter the rise in sophisticated AI-powered threats.

“Securonix’s SIEM platform has consistently distinguished itself as a cloud-native, purpose-built security solution that effectively addresses the critical challenges faced by our clients,” said Khirodra Mishra, CEO of Cybalt. “The innovative features in Securonix EON harness generative-AI technology to significantly boost efficiency and strengthen overall security posture. Securonix’s ongoing evolution and enhancement of its offerings underscore the company’s dedication to empowering channel partners with cutting-edge technology.” 

Securonix Elevate builds on the company’s strong track record of success with partners. By combining the only Magic Quadrant-leading SIEM built from the beginning as a cloud-native and multi-tenant platform with a new partner-friendly consumption model, Securonix uniquely enables partners to buy capacity and deploy it as needed across their customer base.

For more information, please visit or speak with your channel representative. 

About Securonix

Securonix is pushing forward in its mission to secure the world by staying ahead of cyber threats by reinforcing all layers of its platform with AI capabilities. Securonix EON provides organizations with the first and only AI-Reinforced threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) solution built with a cybersecurity mesh architecture on a highly scalable data cloud. The innovative cloud-native solution delivers a frictionless CyberOps experience and enables organizations to scale up their security operations and keep up with evolving threats. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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