Securonix Shrinks Cyber Incident Response Time With Phantom Integration

Extends security orchestration, automation and incident response capabilities through integration with Phantom


ADDISON, Texas, Nov. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Securonix, the market leader in big data security analytics and user and entity behavior analytics, today announced the integration of its Next Gen SIEM platform with Phantom, the clear leader in Security Automation and Orchestration (SA&O) market. This partnership enables security operations center (SOC) analysts to dramatically improve their mean time to detect and respond to the cyber threats posing the greatest risks to their organizations.

Security teams are struggling with overwhelming numbers of alerts that need to be triaged, analyzed and remediated manually. In order to solve this alert fatigue, security solutions need to improve the detection rates, reduce false positives and automate the unsophisticated response actions while enhancing and retaining the appropriate context of the alert.

“We at Securonix are committed to providing the security management industry the means to fully protect themselves from sophisticated hackers and advanced threats,” said Sam Davis, VP of Business Development and Technology Alliances at Securonix. “Our integration with Phantom extends the incident response capabilities of Securonix’s Next-Gen SIEM, enabling customers to automate end-to-end security management with improved threat detection, prioritization, and speedy response orchestration.”

Securonix’s Next-Gen SIEM leverages a Hadoop big data infrastructure stack coupled with data science to detect and prioritize advanced cyber attacks in real-time. SOC analysts using Securonix SIEM benefit from a drastic reduction in the number of false positives, and hence the alerts they must address. Only critical threats are surfaced using supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms. The integration with Phantom enables customers to seamlessly trigger playbooks in Phantom based on threats detected in the Securonix platform.

“We’re pleased to partner with Securonix and believe in the importance of a collaborative, integrated ecosystem to drive detection and response,” said Rich Hlavka, VP of Business Development at Phantom. “By enabling organizations to streamline security operations, Phantom’s innovative technologies for playbook automation and security orchestration complement Securonix in accelerating incident triage and resolution, and maximizing security investments.”

Phantom enhances the playbook-authoring interface and also provides a live runtime review of the playbook execution. IR analysts can build complex playbooks for automation much faster and without writing complex code. All these capabilities enhance the experience of security analysts by making it even easier to build automation and to review the results of the investigation. The platform highlights the findings in a single, improved view to give analysts all the details needed for decision making.

About Securonix

Securonix radically transforms enterprise security with actionable intelligence. Our purpose-built security analytics platforms mine, enrich, analyze, score and visualize data into actionable intelligence on the highest risk threats to organizations. Using signature-less anomaly detection techniques, Securonix detects data security, insider threat, and fraud attacks automatically and accurately. Visit

About Phantom

Phantom is the leader in security automation and orchestration. It integrates your existing security technologies, providing a layer of connective tissue between them. The Phantom platform helps you work smarter by automating repetitive tasks, effectively force multiplying your team’s efforts and allowing them to focus their attention on mission-critical decisions. It also helps you respond faster and reduce dwell times with automated detection, investigation, and response. Using Phantom helps you strengthen your defenses by integrating your entire security infrastructure together so that each part is actively participating in your defense strategy. For more information visit:

Media Contact: Aarij Khan VP of Marketing, Securonix

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