Securonix Unveils Big Data Security Analytics Platform With Unprecedented Threat Prediction, Detection and Response Capabilities

The pioneers behind user & entity behavior analytics release an end-to-end analytics platform with modular log management, next generation SIEM, UEBA and fraud detection.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 14, 2017) – Securonix, the market leader in security analytics and predictive cyber threat detection, announced today the general availability of a next-generation security analytics platform that combines a big data security lake, security incident and event management (SIEM), user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and cross-channel fraud monitoring and detection. The SNYPR Security Analytics Platform can be delivered as a complete, end-to-end platform or in modular components.

The cyber threat landscape has become more treacherous with advanced targeted attacks, porous perimeters and increased business interdependencies. The landscape has evolved, but legacy security tools have not. To address this challenge, organizations need a comprehensive security solution that can perform context-based, advanced analytics over massive volumes of data in real time and provide actionable intelligence. SNYPR delivers on the promise that legacy tools such as SIEM have failed to fulfill. Leveraging a big data platform that is scalable and economical, along with patented, machine learning techniques, SNYPR combs through billions of events in real time to detect advanced threats.

“The Securonix Security Analytics Platform can be considered one of the most advanced implementations of the Real-Time Security Intelligence concept defined by KuppingerCole,” says Alexei Balaganski, cybersecurity analyst at the leading analyst firm KuppingerCole. “[It] provides a truly advanced security analytics technology for collecting, analyzing and visualizing a wide range of business and security information and converting it into actionable intelligence. What sets Securonix apart of many other players in this market is the platform’s extensibility and a broad range of connectors and integrations with third party identity management and security products.”

Securonix’s SNYPR Security Analytics Platform empowers organizations of any size to address their critical security challenges with cutting edge behavior analytics and machine learning techniques. Its modular components include next generation SIEM, a big data lake with intelligent log management and the most advanced UEBA capabilities available. Customers may choose to deploy the complete, end-to-end platform or any set of its modules. Unlike other “rip and replace” solutions, the platform empowers customers to choose the solutions that address their unique needs and complement existing investments.

SNYPR Security Analytics: The complete SNYPR Security Analytics Platform transforms data into actionable security intelligence. Organizations are collecting and storing massive volumes of data, without deriving tangible security value from it. SNYPR Security Analytics applies advanced machine learning and statistical models to a wide variety of enterprise data to deliver accurate security risk intelligence and predictive threat detection. It enables security practitioners to investigate and remediate any threat from anywhere, in real-time.

SNYPR Security Big Data Lake: The SNYPR Security Big Data Lake enables organizations to collect, enrich, store and orchestrate the secure use of massive volumes of data in a Hadoop environment. With cost efficient, unlimited data storage, super enrichment that contextualizes data with meaningful intelligence, a blazing-fast natural language search engine, elegant visualization, and automated reporting, security teams can hunt, investigate, and respond with a speed and accuracy never seen before. Delivered as an open data platform, it provides customers the ability to build their own applications for any business use with open access to all raw and enriched data.

Securonix UEBA 6.0: Light, nimble and quick to deploy, version 6.0 of UEBA Bolt is faster and smarter with a new, ultra-modern user experience that provides intuitive visualizations of enterprise risk and one-click actions for threat management and risk mitigation. Packed with enhanced analytical and machine learning capabilities, 6.0 comes with more than 350 out-of-the-box connectors and over one thousand behavior-based threat models that immediately deliver tangible value.

Key capabilities of The SNYPR Security Analytics Platform include:

  • Super Enrichment adds contextual information such identity, asset, network, geo-location, threat intelligence and more in real-time, transforming raw events into meaningful insights that are easy to understand, search and investigate.
  • Support for over 1000 out-of-the-box threat models with solutions focused on insider threat, cyber threat, compliance, cloud security and fraud, as well as many industry-specific line of business use cases.
  • Real-time threat detection using contextually enriched behavior analysis, unsupervised and supervised machine learning and statistical algorithms.
  • Rapid investigation and response using link-analysis, case and incident management workflows and decision automation support.
  • Compliance automation with out-of-the box use cases, automated reports and dashboards.
    • Securonix Spotter® enables blazing-fast hunting using natural language search.
    • Securonix Threat Model Exchange® arms security teams with a library of threat models sourced by the Securonix cyber research team in collaboration with our cross-industry client base, partners, industry experts and national security leaders.
    • Securonix as a Service is a cloud-based service that is fast, secure and ready to go. It delivers customers all the benefits of the platform without the hassle of managing and maintaining the infrastructure.

“Securonix is enabling organizations to detect insider threats and advanced persistent attacks that have been hurting us for a long time,” says Tanuj Gulati, chief technology officer at Securonix. “We have some of the best minds in data science and behavior analytics building our platforms, plus close ties to industry and national security leaders who help steer our technologies toward their biggest challenges.”

About Securonix
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