Securonix Wins Govies Award for Big Data Analytics

ADDISON, Texas, May 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Securonix, the market leader in big data security analytics and user and entity behavior analytics, announced today that Securonix Security Analytics Platform was named the Platinum Winner for Big Data Analytics in the Govies Government Security Awards. The awards are given by Security Today magazine to honor outstanding government security products.

“Government agencies are constantly under cyber attack and they have to make sense of massive amounts of data to secure their organizations,” said Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Securonix. “We’ve worked with agencies at the highest levels transforming big data into security intelligence to protect critical information and infrastructure from cyber threats.”

The Securonix Security Analytics Platform is a complete security collection, threat detection, forensic analysis/threat hunting, and incident response platform. It enables government agencies and organizations to detect insider and outsider attacks before it’s too late, slash compliance costs related to monitoring and access reviews, and protect critical information and resources using predictive analytics management techniques.

Securonix solutions are used by a number of top government organizations as well as the Fortune 1000 to combat cyber threats and reduce risk. Securonix has strong ties within the government intelligence and national security community. The company’s advisory board includes former director of national intelligence Mike McConnell, former secretary of homeland security Michael Chertoff, and former NSA deputy director Chris Inglis.

An independent panel of judges from the security industry selected the top entries in the 2018 categories and named winners using criteria including Features, Innovation, User Friendliness, Interoperability, Quality, Design, Market Opportunity, and Impact in the Security Industry, Technical Advances, and Scalability. The Govies are sponsored by Security Today magazine and GovSec magazine. Winners were announced at an event in Las Vegas on April 11.

“The Govies is an amazing product recognition program whereby companies in the security industry can highlight their technology and solutions that work flawlessly within the government vertical,” said Ralph C. Jensen, editor-in-chief of GovSec and Security Today magazines and “The high number of entries we receive each year corresponds with the need to provide better security options not only at the federal level but also at the state and municipal level of government. I believe these products and solutions only prove that the government relies heavily on the technology advances in the private sector.”

About Securonix 
Securonix transforms enterprise security with actionable intelligence. Using a purpose-built security analytics platform, Securonix quickly and accurately detects high-risk threats to your organization.

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