Securonix’s SNYPR Security Analytics Platform Recognized with the 2016 InfoTech Spotlight Big Data As-a-Service Excellence Award

The industry’s most advanced security analytics platform is honored for innovation and leadership in a rapidly growing tech segment

DALLAS, TX–(Marketwired – Oct 27, 2016) – Securonix is the recipient of the 2016 Big Data As-a-Service Excellence Award for its big data security analytics platform SNYPR, the company announced today. Presented by TMCnet and InfoTech Spotlight, the award recognizes Securonix as a leading innovator of big data-driven analytics solutions that predict, prevent, detect and contain security threats such as cyber attacks, insider threats, and fraud.

Securonix, the market leader in security analytics and predictive cyber threat detection, released SNYPR in 2016. SNYPR is a security analytics platform that transforms big data into actionable security intelligence. It delivers the proven power of Securonix analytics with the speed, scale, and affordable, long-term storage of Hadoop in a single, out-of-the-box solution.

Large organizations are collecting, archiving and storing massive volumes of data in repositories, without deriving security value from it. SNYPR was purpose-built to translate the billions of events from hundreds of different data sources that big organizations generate daily into real-time threat detection and accurate risk intelligence.

SNYPR integrates directly with sources of event information enterprises already have in place. It ingests limitless volumes of data, normalizes, enriches and processes data at lightning speed, and then analyzes it in real-time using a combination of user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), unsupervised deep learning and applied threat models to deliver true predictive threat detection. SNYPR is not only the most sophisticated threat detection capability ever released, it is also steering the entire industry toward a big data analytics approach to enterprise security.

“SNYPR completely revolutionizes how enterprise organizations discover and manage cyber threats, and we are honored that this award from respected journalists recognizes our significant innovation,” said Tanuj Gulati, CTO, Securonix. “SNYPR delivers a completely new visualization of the enterprise security posture, harnesses the power of big data and puts actionable intelligence into the hands of security leaders, enabling them to combat cyber threats and mitigate risk to their organization with fewer resources and lower costs.”

Big Data-As-a-Service (BDaaS) is the next iteration of the cloud model. Leveraging several of its predecessors (SaaS, PaaS, etc.), it allows smaller businesses to become part of the big data revolution and leverage the information available to extract actionable intelligence to drive better products, better brands, and better businesses.

The 2016 Big Data As-a-Service Excellence Award recognizes BDaaS solutions that help companies store and analyze data, driving intelligent business decisions.

“Securonix has displayed its commitment to quality and innovation in the development of the exploding big data industry,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “I look forward to witnessing continued excellence from Securonix and their efforts toward helping companies store, manage and analyze data to improve their businesses.”

About Securonix
Securonix is working to radically transform all areas of data security with actionable security intelligence. Our purpose-built advanced security analytics technology mines, enriches, analyzes, scores and visualizes customer data into actionable intelligence on the highest risk threats from within and outside their environment. Using signature-less anomaly detection techniques that track users, account and system behavior, Securonix is able to detect the most advanced data security, insider threats and fraud attacks automatically and accurately. Globally customers are using Securonix to address the most basic and complex needs around advanced persistent threat detection and monitoring, high privileged activity monitoring, enterprise and web fraud detection, application risk monitoring and access risk management. For more information visit

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