Why Securonix for Open XDR?

  • Cloud-Native Platform

    Our cloud-native platform lets you benefit from all the data in your IT environment with zero infrastructure to manage.

  • Data Collection at Scale

    Meet your growing data needs with an XDR solution that was born in the cloud and leverages built-in connectors for real-time enrichment.

  • Threat Content-As-A-Service

    Get up-to-date, out-of-the-box threat content from our world-class Threat Labs team delivered directly on the platform.

  • Automated Response

    Integrated SOAR capabilities with automated playbooks streamline workflows to resolve incidents faster than ever before.

Native Integrations

With Securonix Open XDR, threat detection is natively integrated with orchestration and response capabilities that can be used alongside detection policies and threat models.

  • Fewer Blind Spots: Automatically collect and correlate data from endpoint, network, cloud, application, and identity solutions.
  • Extended Connector Library: Simplify the integration of XDR with over 650 out-of-the-box integrations and connectors.

Advanced Detection of Insider Threats

Securonix Open XDR leverages UEBA and patented machine learning (ML) to connect together anomalies and other suspicious activities based on identities and other entities.

  • Built-In UEBA: Prioritize high-risk threats with identity-centric behavior analytics that maps to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.
  • Pre-Built Applications: Threat models and built-in connectors enable rapid deployment and fast time-to-value.
  • Up-to-Date Threat Content: Use case content in the Threat Library is continuously refreshed independent of product version updates.

Speed up Investigations

Securonix Open XDR makes hunting for threats easier by gathering, enriching, and correlating data from appliances, cloud infrastructure, application delivery controllers, firewalls, and application servers.

  • Real-Time Search: Live Channel allows security teams to search for active threats on live data before it’s parsed or indexed.
  • Spotter Search: Enable blazing-fast threat hunting using natural language queries to search across recent and historical data.
  • Autonomous Threat Sweeper: Automatically and retroactively hunt for emerging threats based on the latest Threat Labs research.

Intelligent, Automated Incident Response

Eliminate time-consuming, manual investigations with automated response that increases the productivity and efficiency of your SOC.

  • Built-In Playbook Actions: Remove complexity for analysts with out-of-the-box and fully customizable playbook actions.
  • OOTB Incident Management: Track and report on threats efficiently with automated workflows and simplified incident management.


No need to choose one or the other. Open XDR provides an entry path for those looking to quickly ramp up threat detection and response capabilities, with the option to expand to include full SIEM capabilities with a simple license upgrade.


“We are excited to leverage the Securonix unified XDR offering that packages behavior analytics, threat hunting and response capabilities in one solution to simplify the overall user experience, and empowers us to rapidly detect, investigate and respond to threats.”

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Ready to elevate your SOC efficiency? Securonix Open XDR provides you with all of the core components you need for fast and effective threat detection and response.

  • Enhanced detection powered by machine learning and advanced behavior analytics.
  • Enriched events with identity and asset context provide proper risk prioritization.
  • Respond quickly with automation and orchestration of your entire security architecture.
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