Security Data Lake

The Heart of a Next-Generation SIEM

Ingest From a Broad Range of Sources and Store at Scale

A security data lake (SDL) is a security focused data management tool that:

  • provides the ability to ingest data from many diverse security tools.
  • parses this data for relevant information, identifying and mapping fields to a common data schema.
  • provides an integration and search mechanism for multiple security analytics tools, avoiding the need to store security log data in multiple places.

The SDL, therefore, is a critical component of a next generation SIEM platform. It provides the scale and storage that enables modern security solutions.

However, some data lake solutions are built on legacy, outdated technology. One example are data lakes that use relational databases for storage, which make it impossible for those solutions to deliver the above capabilities efficiently.

The Securonix Security Data Lake is the core of the Securonix platform, providing scalability, data security, and searchability. It is a robust, modern data lake architecture that is fault tolerant, secure, scalable, economical, and open.

Sdl Bigdataplatformdiagram

“Within seconds, we were able to drill into events, correlate with additional context data, create cases, add evidence and assign team members to cases.”

Dave Shackleford, SANS Analyst

Benefits of the Securonix Security Data Lake: Scalability, Security, and Search

The Securonix Security Data Lake provides an efficient, scalable security data management infrastructure that provides fast search, a broad range of integrations, and context driven event enrichment for better threat hunting. Powered by big data and modern, scalable data frameworks, the Securonix SDL drives the Securonix platform’s industry leading performance.

  • Investigate alerts and hunt for threats quickly and accurately.
  • Ingest up to hundreds of terabytes per day while still taking advantage of economical, long-term data retention.
  • A simple, open data format lets you keep a single source of log data while making it available for visualization, analysis, and reporting by other applications.

Integrates with cloud infrastructures and applications with over 350 out of the box cloud connectors.

Security Data Lake Capabilities

Big Data Platform with Infinite Scalability and a Reasonable Price

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The amount of data large enterprises generate continues to skyrocket. Being able to provide security monitoring and threat hunting across large amounts of data can be difficult for solutions that limit storage, or the cost of storage is unaffordable. Securonix utilizes a cloud native big data platform that enables security teams to retain large amounts of event data, while still being able to search through that data quickly without breaking the bank.

Big Data Driven Security Data Framework: Securonix utilizes a cloud native big data platform that enables the storage of events over an extended period, while still providing fast search and analytics across that data. This allows security teams to identify threat patterns over a long period and hunt for threats quickly.

Open Data Format: For a data lake to be effective, it must be able to store structured and unstructured data collected from across the enterprise and store it using a common format that other applications can utilize. Securonix uses an open data format so that it can be utilized as a single source of log data that is available for visualization, analysis, and reporting by other applications instead of maintaining multiple separate databases.

Predictable Pricing Structure: Enterprises are creating data at a rapid pace. With many solutions, the cost to store this growing amount of data in a data lake can be unpredictable. However, Securonix pricing is based primarily on identity instead of by events per second or gigabytes. So costs are predictable, even as your data requirements increase.

Gain Visibility and Data Privacy Across Your Hybrid Environment

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In order to have visibility across cloud, on-premises and hybrid data can require a lot of integration work. After gaining visibility, ensuring your enterprise stays in compliance adds another large burden. Securonix makes this easier through included integrations with popular cloud applications and out of the box compliance monitoring and reporting.

Built-In Connector Framework: Without vendor support for popular cloud applications, it’s difficult to gain visibility into your entire enterprise. Securonix includes support for cloud applications and infrastructure, enterprise applications, identity and HR data, and non-technical data feeds. This combines to give you a single pane of glass view across your entire infrastructure, whether in the cloud, hybrid, or on-premises.

Support Data Privacy and Compliance: Compliance requires regulatory and data privacy controls, as well as support for audit reporting and industry standard security specifications. Many times, compliance becomes a burden for enterprises during audits, taking valuable time away from other necessary business objectives. Securonix provides out of the box controls, reports, and other capabilities that help you easily cover all major mandates including PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, GDPR, and ISO 27001.

Investigate Security Incidents and Hunt for Threats Quickly and Accurately

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Streamlined threat hunting is essential to catch an attacker before they damage or steal from your organization. Complicated query construction can slow down threat hunting efforts. Easy search with natural language queries and intuitive visualizations of threat data help power faster threat hunting.

Contextual Enrichment: The more details and context a security analyst is able to review during an investigation, the faster an analyst can respond accurately. Securonix provides real-time enrichment of log data with identity, asset, geolocation, threat intelligence, and data from lookup tables. This provides security analysts with the context they need to quickly understand and remediate security events.

Natural Language Search: Complex search processes hamper threat hunting and lengthen response times. Securonix Spotter’s threat search capability enables blazing-fast threat hunting using natural language search. Searching for threat actors and indicators of compromise is simplified with visual pivoting on any entity, giving security analysts valuable threat context that makes investigating and remediating threats quicker and easier.

Data Visualization: Quick detection of anomalies and threats is important to effective cybersecurity detection and response.  Securonix provides data visualizations as dashboards that can be exported in a standard data format. This allows you to customize reports or views for easy collaboration and standardized reporting.

“[Securonix] has easily decreased the time required to investigate alerts by 30 to 35 percent.”

- Greg Stewart, Director of Intellectual Property Protection at a Large Bio-Tech company

Securonix Security Data Lake Supercharges Your Threat Detection and Hunting

Ingest and standardize alerts from hundreds of cloud and on-premises data sources.

Store and search at scale with an open, fault-tolerant data platform built on big data.

Enable compliance and detailed reporting at a predictable price.

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