Securonix Cloud: SIEM and UEBA

Most Visionary SaaS Solution for Next-Gen SIEM and UEBA

Deploy Instantly and Scale Easily

  • Get your Security Operations Center up and running virtually instantly.
  • A multi-tenant architecture lets you use as much resources as needed for your organization now, and expand as you grow with the click of a button.
  • Deploy use cases rapidly using packaged out of the box content specifically designed for insider threat, cyber threat, fraud, and cloud security analytics.
  • Lower cost of ownership than on-premises solutions because there is no need to purchase, deploy, or manage infrastructure components.
  • Quick return on investment with instant deployment and minimal configuration overhead.
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You Don’t Need to Be a Security Expert with a Fully Managed Platform

Securonix professionals manage your platform operations 24/7 including:

  • updates and upgrades
  • regular system backups
  • monitoring integration points and feeds
  • system health and performance monitoring
  • troubleshooting platform issues
  • incident management

With optional Securonix Threat Monitoring Services, Securonix will also manage your threat monitoring for you, giving you time back to focus on your core business.

Are you one of the 91% of organizations concerned about cloud security?

Benefit from Cloud-To-Cloud Security

  • Extend seamless security monitoring across your cloud environment without needing to rely on on-premises solutions that were not designed for the cloud.
  • Analyze user entitlements and events to look for malicious activity using built-in APIs for all major cloud infrastructure and application technologies.
  • Eliminate blind spots when you can correlate between on-premises data and cloud data to analyze end-to-end activities and detect actionable threat patterns.
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Secure by Design

  • SOC 2 Type 2 certified.
  • In a multi-tenant architecture, individual tenant IDs and dedicated tenants are used to maintain complete data segregation.
  • Data is kept encrypted while it is in transit, and data at rest can be encrypted if you choose to.
  • Limit access to your data using granular, role-based access control.
  • Detailed logging capabilities ensure a full audit trail of all activities within the solution.