Cybersecurity Solutions for a Riskier World

In this report, ThoughtLab, a leading global research firm, supported by a diverse group of cybersecurity leaders and experts from across the private sector, government, and academia released its 2022 cybersecurity benchmarking study. It analyzes cybersecurity strategies and results of 1,200 large organizations across 14 different sectors and 16 countries, representing $125.2 billion of annual cybersecurity spending.

With business going digital and attacks and breaches escalating, cybersecurity is now at a critical inflection point. The study found that CSOs, CISOs, and CEOs do not think their organizations are well prepared for risks ahead. Keeping up with digital innovation, ecosystems of suppliers, remote working, misconfigurations, and human error are just some of the stumbling blocks. The evidence-based analysis sheds light on how cybersecurity leaders build on compliance frameworks, like NIST and ISO, to achieve the best outcomes:

  • Ensure their organizations are risk-ready, with a well-developed response and recovery program to cope with unexpected threats;
  • Adopt a risk-based approach, with more rigorous benchmarking and analysis and attention to the risk posture of the business;
  • Create a strong cybersecurity culture and vigilant human layer, fostering a continuous state of risk awareness;
  • Apply the latest technologies and techniques, such as SIEMS, Zero Trust, and a platform approach; and
  • Fully resource cybersecurity activities to avoid falling behind in the arms race with cybercriminals and nation-states.

Download this report to find out 10 best practices highlighted by the survey that are proven to reduce the probability of a significant breach and speed up times to detect, respond, and mitigate.