Cloud Security Monitoring

Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

Enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud technologies, resulting in more and more data being stored in the cloud. Legacy on-premises security controls are no longer able to keep up. Enterprises are challenged with controlling access to and the movement of sensitive data to and from the cloud environment.

Key cloud security monitoring concerns include how to identify sensitive data movement in the cloud, access control, unauthorized activities, privilege misuse or compromise, unauthorized sharing, and data exfiltration.

Your cloud security monitoring approach needs to incorporate all aspects of cloud, including cloud infrastructure, cloud data sharing applications, cloud enterprise applications, and cloud access management tools.

Context-Aware Analytics and Detection

Securonix cloud security analytics extends security monitoring to cloud infrastructure and applications. Securonix has built in APIs for all major cloud infrastructure and application technologies. This enables the solution to analyze user entitlements and events to look for malicious activity. The Securonix solution correlates cloud data with data from on-premises devices to add entity context information and analyze the end-to-end activities of the entity to detect actionable threat patterns.

In addition to detecting threat patterns, Securonix is the only solution that also provides data classification and privileged access governance capabilities. With data classification, you can scan your cloud environment for sensitive data. The privileged access governance capability enables you to do dynamic access management using techniques such as peer group analysis. The solution also provides enterprises the ability to do periodic access reviews to sensitive data in the cloud and manage access proactively to avoid data breaches.

Benefit from Cloud to Cloud Security

For the Cloud, in the Cloud

Securonix is a cloud native SIEM solution that deploys as a service and provides organizations with cloud-to-cloud monitoring through built in API integration and out of the box content.

  • API integrations with all major cloud service providers.
  • Out of the box content for monitoring advanced cloud threats.
  • Bi-directional integrations with cloud security tools to take automated remediation action.

Cloud Security Monitoring Solution Features

User Risk and Threat Monitoring

Securonix cloud security monitoring continuously builds a comprehensive risk profile of a user based on identity, employment, security violations, IT activity and access, physical access, and even phone records. All identity, activity, and access characteristics are compared to their individual baseline, their peers’ baseline, and known threat indicators in order to identify true areas of risk. Key use cases include monitoring for suspicious login attempts, unauthorized access to sensitive data, and misuse of privileged accounts.

Advanced Behavioral Analytics Combined with Packaged Content finds Complex Threats
Persistent Cryptomining Jexboss Initial Foothold Payload - Repeated Payload Execution Attempts

Persistent Cryptomining Jexboss Initial Foothold Payload – Repeated Payload Execution Attempts

Cyber Threat Monitoring

Cyberattacks in the cloud are growing exponentially and are a big concern for organizations as their data sits outside the traditional security perimeter. Securonix cloud security monitoring provides out of the box content to monitor for malware attacks, denial of service attempts, and password attacks, among other advanced threats.

Application and Data Risk Monitoring

Insiders target sensitive data, transactions, or the systems that host them. Securonix addresses this threat by monitoring critical applications and systems at the transaction, data set, and sensitive user record level. Securonix builds and continuously updates a risk profile for all applications and systems. This helps you identify high-risk users, access, and activity associated with your sensitive data and transactions. This includes monitoring of enterprise applications such as Salesforce, Workday, Office 365, Google Apps, Box, and Dropbox, among others.

Application and Data Risk Monitoring
Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Cloud Technology Ecosystem

Securonix has built a strong cloud security ecosystem with bi-directional API-based integrations. This enables Securonix to collect data from all major cloud technologies and support automated incident response to take action against threats in near real time.

Our major technology partners include Okta, AWS, Microsoft, Crowdstrike, and Netskope, among others.