Former NSA Deputy Director John Chris Inglis Joins Securonix Advisory Board Read More...

What is Securonix

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Securonix is the only purpose built Security Intelligence Platform that relies on signature-less technology for the detection, monitoring, investigation and management of information security threats and risks.



Whats the Buzz?

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Assume the Worst – Hackers Will Get In

A determined attacker will get in. Many networks are already compromised. Despite spending fortunes on perimeter and anti-malware defense attackers get into some of the best defended, highest budget, highest profile networks, like Sony, Target, Epsilon, Experian and more.

Burned By Snowden, Former NSA Official Now Helps Finance Industry Avoid 'Insider Threats'

But now he's moving onto the next chapter of his life with three new positions: strategic adviser for a Los Angeles-based technology company, Securonix, which develops algorithms to detect insider threats; venture partner at the Paladin Capital Group, which invests in cybersecurity technologies; and teaching computer science at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Snowden Leaks Cost Nation’s Cyber Security Efforts, Former NSA Official Says

Is Your Antivirus Software Really Protecting Your Business?


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