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What is Securonix

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Securonix is the only purpose built Security Intelligence Platform that relies on signature-less technology for the detection, monitoring, investigation and management of information security threats and risks.



Whats the Buzz?

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Experts Say ‘Bash’ Bug Is a Major Vulnerability But Not a Major Threat

Companies who have web servers that aren’t updated internally on a frequent basis may be most at risk because they continue to use old technology, according to Kindlund. Some companies who still store private data on Internet-facing servers—an outdated practice, as it makes sensitive information more vulnerable—or do not have strong security may vulnerable as well, but they can take precautions by inspecting each and every of their Linux-based server,s said Tanuj Gulati, CTO of Securonix, a security intelligence firm.

Massive Viator Data Breach Hits 1.4 Million Victims

“It’s like building a castle with a moat around it, but failing to look at the activities being performed by people you let in, either knowingly or not, through the front door,” said Sharon Vardi, CMO, Securonix, in a note

How to detect an insider threat

“With external threats, you set up a firewall and it’s easy to block a user’s IP,” said Tanuj Gulati, CTO at Securonix. With an internal threat, “The confidence level has to be extremely high. You can’t just knock on someone’s door and accuse them.”

Attacks Mostly Undetected Until Too Late

The attackers have the advantage in that they get to choose who to attack, what resources to go after, how and when. Companies are using static defenses against these attacks and can’t predict where the next attack will come from and what the attackers will try to go after.


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