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What is Securonix

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Securonix is the only purpose built Security Intelligence Platform that relies on signature-less technology for the detection, monitoring, investigation and management of information security threats and risks.



Whats the Buzz?

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Snowden Blows NSA's MonsterMind

"Automated responses usually have a limited set of [issues] they can respond to," David Swift, chief architect at Securonix, told TechNewsWorld. "Zero-day malware by definition is unknown, and an automated response to an unknown attack without human analysis is a recipe for denial of service."

Snowden leaks prompt firms to focus cyber security on insider threats

Chris Inglis, who helps corporations guard against threats as an advisor for data security firm Securonix, said in an interview with The Times that the Snowden leaks have been good for business.

Security experts call for action against cyber threats

Chris Inglis, who retired this year as deputy director of the National Security Agency, said disaster could be creeping instead of sudden, as broad swaths of data become unreliable. In an interview, he said some of Geer’s ideas, including product liability, deserved broader discussion. “Doing nothing at all is a worse answer,” said Inglis, who now advises security firm Securonix.

Russian gang stole 1.2 billion Net passwords

The size of the operation shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, Maiffret said. "In the past, when people thought of hacking, they thought of a lone teen-aged hacker sitting in the basement," he said. "But people need to realize that most hacking today is related to organized crime." Even large companies need to acknowledge that modern-day hackers are likely "much better funded than they are," said security expert Sharon Vardi, who is the chief marketing officer of Securonix. "They are backed by millions of dollars to get the job done," he said.


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