3 Proactive Ways to Find Hidden Threats: SearchMore

What if the enemy is already inside?

In the SecOps world, detecting and responding to threats is only half the story. Sophisticated attackers know the weaknesses of SIEM platforms and other security software and will exploit those vulnerabilities every chance they get. Threat actors know that many legacy platforms can’t detect live threats due to the latency inherent in indexing and parsing data. They also know that long, slow attacks are extremely hard to detect because many SIEM platforms cannot scale for fast search on data that is older than two months or more, and it can be cost prohibitive for customers. Finally, they know that their targets are limited by the expertise they hire to their security team, which may not include seasoned threat hunters.

Highly targeted organizations need help uncovering active threats in real time, but also need to practice proactively threat hunting to find attackers who may have infiltrated their environment earlier. Many lack the resources and SME expertise to track indicators of compromise (IOC). To arm your incident responder and your threat hunter, you need to uncover the whole timeline, from current activity to historical events, to find the enemy already inside your environment.

Empower the Threat Hunter and the Security Analyst

To help empower the threat hunter and security analyst, Securonix is launching three complimentary capabilities called SearchMore allowing you to:

Stop new, active threats that bypassed latent detection faster than before with the ability to search on real-time, streaming data using Live Channel.


Discover hidden threats easily with search on archived data using Long-Term Search. By using a compressed file format, searching on historical data is highly scalable and doesn’t affect the performance of your SIEM.


Increase your threat hunting strength by 10x with the security industry’s first Community-Powered Threat Hunting capability. You can leverage the latest security content and collaborate on threat hunting workbooks with contributions from your colleagues, global communities like MITRE and Sigma, commercial threat intelligence, and the Securonix Threat Research Team.

Download the SearchMore solution brief to learn more.

What Makes SearchMore Possible?

Security analysts now have the power to defeat sophisticated attackers with the ability to search on live streaming data or stored historical data and test any threat hunting hypothesis that, according to MITRE, is affecting their industry with SearchMore.

  • Live Channel provides real-time searching on live streaming data and helps customers to respond to threats with virtually zero latency. Analysts can discover threats early, before the attacker achieves their goal.
  • Long-Term Search allows analysts to search on archived data, in only a few seconds, to find threats already in their environment. Ask new questions of your older data without a huge cost (we charge you a fraction of the cost of other IT Operations/SIEM platforms).
  • Community-Powered Threat Hunting helps enhance a security team’s ability to punch above their weight class with the ability to understand newer threat vectors and provide additional context about threats. Collaborate on TTP’s and threat intelligence with peers, local groups, and global communities – like MITRE ATT&CK and Sigma, to help detect and protect against unknown threats.

Worried you have threats hidden in your environment that bypassed your existing security tools? Think your threat hunting capability could be improved? SearchMore helps uncover hidden threats and enable real-time searches with zero latency to better protect your enterprise from sophisticated attackers and give your team the power of collaborative threat hunting.

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