Empower Hour Recap: Creating Your Own Agility

EMPOWERHOUR, spearheaded by Securonix’s Chief People Officer, Dilshan Ratnayake, emphasizes the company’s commitment to creating an inclusive culture so people can become their best. Kicking off the series last quarter with sessions focused on empowering and growing female women leaders, the quarterly events are intended to be a vehicle where we come together as an organization and continue to empower one another. Each session sparks engaging conversations on matters that are important to the overall culture as we evolve as an organization.

Our most recent session was all about creating your own agility. The event focused on individual, team, and organizational agility and drilled into how each individual can create an advantage by ensuring they’re able to move and adapt quickly and easily. Nick Horney and Tom O’Shea from Agility Consulting led the conversation on how Securonix can continue to advance and grow into a focused, fast, and flexible organization.

Attendees learned about the “agility advantage,” which is the dynamic capacity to sense and respond better and faster than competition at all levels.

“To have agility means you’re continuously growing and developing, it means you’re better and faster at meeting your customers’ expectations,” explained Tom O’Shea. This enables workers to be focused, fast, and flexible while embracing people, processes, and technology—which is all essential in today’s volatile, fast-paced, and easily disrupted environment. To be agile enables individuals and organizations alike to have a competitive advantage in the market.

Internal panelists including Dave ColesanteDilshan RatnayakeNanda Santhana and Brett Bowman participated in a fireside chat following the agility presentation and discussed strategies Securonix will be implementing in order to incorporate more mentoring and coaching into leadership and the company’s overall culture.

“We’re in a market that every single day is changing, and we need to keep up with that change and proactively anticipate it,” said Dave Colesante. It’s essential for us to set aside time for strategic focus and ensure our teams are aligned as we continue to grow at high speeds. That way, we are confident we are moving in the same direction, together as a company.”

Agility is the defining ingredient in the next generation of leadership, and at Securonix, we’re helping our team get ahead of the curve by preparing and educating our employees on how to grow in this area. We’re committed to the development of our employees and are looking forward to bolstering our employees’ skill sets with future EMPOWERHOUR sessions.

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