Five keys to addressing insider threats

On Wednesday March 30th, 2016 from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT Forsythe and Securonix will be conducting a webcast. John Pirc, Director, Security Solutions, Forsythe and Brian Contos, Vice President, Chief Security Strategist, Securonix will be the speakers.


The webcast will cover insider threats.

Cyber attacks carried out by nation-states and cybercrime rings often get the headlines, but insider threats can be far more costly and damaging. A recent cyber security study points to insiders as the most costly source of attack at an average of nearly $145,000 each and taking nearly 54 days to resolve, the longest of any type of attack.

The risks insiders pose to organizations in all industries are very real, but many are failing to deal with the issue. A recent survey on insider threats revealed that while 74 percent of respondents are concerned about them, nearly half have no idea what they’re spending to address them, and 32 percent admitted they have no ability whatsoever to prevent an insider attack.

In addition to best practices such as robust personnel background checks, security awareness programs and policy strategies for social media and BYOD, there are key tactics and strategies your organization can use to address insider threats.

Join us to learn:
• The types of insiders behind these threats.
• How to determine if your organization is doing enough to address them.
• Five key elements to building an effective insider threat strategy.
• How to move beyond IT and treat these threats as an operational issue that crosses people, process and technology.


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