From the Desk of the CEO – 2014 Predictions

From the Desk of the CEO

The Year of Security Analytics

2013 Reflections and 2014 Predictions on the field of Security Analytics and Intelligence


Dear Colleagues,

2013 was a watershed year for Securonix and the field of security analytics. Since getting started in this emerging market in 2008 we’ve always been confident in the value of the technology. In 2013 this confidence shifted to astonishment as we learned through bigger and broader customer deployments that Security Analytics has the potential to change the fundamental ways organizations approach all domains of security. It simply allows us to learn from the data as opposed to look for what we know. For Securonix, 2013 was a year of very fast paced growth with our customer base growing by almost 400% which in turn led to growing our team on all fronts of the company and continuous expansion of our global presence.

2014 will be the year of security analytics. This is my prediction based not on the hype of technology suppliers but a genuine pent up demand from the market for something new to address not only the “big data” issue but simply the widening gap between insider and external threats and their ability to detect them. Wether it is built or bought, security analytics will find its way into a number of key security management programs from IAM, SIEM, DLP, to a comprehensive insider threat initiative.

My 2014 predictions:

  • #1- Insider Threat detection will become the primary driver of security analytics. This, due not just to the headline breaches but the growing realization by more CISOs that they have very limited defenses against the insider threat.
  • #2- SIEM programs will increasingly use advanced analytics to reduce the noise and improve the detection of insider and external threats.
  • #3- Enterprise application threat and risk monitoring will take hold as organizations realize that application access controls are the last line of defense and the malicious insiders have all the access they need from the start
  • #4- Identity & Access Management Programs will transform from compliance & operational efficiency led initiatives to become key security initiatives to protect against insider threats
  • #5- Cloud application threat and risk monitoring will take hold as a high priority area enabled by new analytical techniques that do not require access to the application to perform
  • #6- Data loss prevention initiatives will be transformed by identity, behavior analytics and context from other data sources into more predictive technologies to prevent data exfiltration events

These are my predictions for the coming year. I look forward to your feedback and how you see the year ahead playing out.


Sachin Nayyar,

Founder & CEO



February 24-28 – Moscone Center, San Francisco

Join Securonix at booth #2038 to discuss the field of security analytics and to see a demo of our latest technology and the complex use cases customers are using it to tackle their biggest security challenges.

This year, we will be hosting a couple of additional events during and around the show. Stay tuned for announcements coming soon.

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