Securonix Unlocks Cyber Resiliency with Amazon Security Lake

Across all verticals and environments, cyber threats loom large and diverse. The fragmented visibility and data silos within cybersecurity and IT infrastructures give attackers a playground of opportunities to exploit security gaps. Recognizing this challenge, Securonix, in collaboration with Amazon, embarked on a mission to redefine cybersecurity through a unified security fabric and connected ecosystem.

The collaboration between Securonix and Amazon Security Lake enables organizations to construct a comprehensive security data lake encompassing data from private applications as well as from cloud and on-premises environments. Speed, precision, and efficacy in cybersecurity are critical for thwarting ongoing threats, but the availability of solutions providing these benefits remains limited. That’s why we, together with Amazon, are working towards delivering a technology agnostic, unified security platform that goes beyond basic integrations. We are building an intelligent, interconnected Cybersecurity Mesh where security tools can work together seamlessly.

How does Securonix with Amazon Security Lake work?

With Amazon Security Lake, analysts and engineers can easily build and use a centralized security data lake for their cloud-based security logs, and improve the protection of those workloads with AI-reinforced analytics from Securonix. Securonix supports the ability to ingest events in the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) from Amazon Security Lake, making data normalization straightforward. This allows for faster data ingestion and analysis and lets organizations quickly apply new threat detection analytics and hunt for threats regardless of the source providing the underlying data.

This unified approach streamlines data ingestion and analysis and also helps fortify security posture by providing enhanced visibility and threat detection capabilities. Developed as a large cybersecurity community effort, the OCSF delivers a simplified data taxonomy that empowers security teams to access better, faster data ingestion and analysis without the time-consuming, up-front normalization and rationalization tasks.

Most importantly, leveraging Securonix and Amazon Security Lake allows you to consolidate disparate data sources, reduce your complexity and cost and ensure security solutions data is accessible. This joint solution simplifies processes and enables organizations to address a myriad of security use cases seamlessly.

The collaboration between Securonix and Amazon Security Lake marks a significant leap forward in cybersecurity resilience. By embracing an intelligent, connected ecosystem, organizations can move beyond the limitations of fragmented security infrastructure and confidently safeguard their digital assets.

On April 30th, 2024 we announced the release of Securonix EON, an expansion of our collaboration with Amazon that goes beyond a data lake integration. Utilizing Amazon Bedrock with the latest Anthropic Claude 3 Large Language Model, we released a new era of AI-reinforced capabilities to protect the CyberOps of 2024 and beyond from AI-powered threats.

Stay tuned as we continue to pioneer innovative solutions to protect the world from cyber threats.

Securonix EON Infographic
Securonix EON: A New Era of AI–Reinforced CyberOps