Securonix EON Unleashed: A New Era of AI-Reinforced CyberOps is Here

A new era of security operations has arrived! You might have already heard the exciting news – on April 30th, we unveiled Securonix EON. This groundbreaking suite of capabilities, built on the rock-solid foundation of our three AI-Reinforced CyberOps pillars – Frictionless Security, Cybersecurity Mesh, and AI-Reinforced – is poised to transform the way you approach security.

Securonix EON isn’t just an update, it’s a leap forward. It seamlessly integrates cutting-edge AI across all layers of our industry-leading Unified Defense SIEM and UEBA capabilities, empowering your security teams to confront today’s most sophisticated threats with unparalleled speed, precision, and efficacy.

Now that the wraps are off, let’s dive deeper! Here’s a closer look at three of the exciting new AI-Reinforced features that Securonix EON brings to the table:

Adaptive Threat Modeling: Proactive defense against evolving threats

Static threat models are a thing of the past. Securonix EON leverages machine learning to develop dynamic, adaptive threat models that automatically identify and chain together suspicious activities. This empowers your analysts to uncover never-before-seen attack chains in near real-time, enabling them to take decisive action and prevent the most destructive phases of an attack.

InvestigateRX: Supercharge investigations with contextual intelligence

Say goodbye to time-consuming investigations that require pivoting between multiple tools. InvestigateRX, built on top of Securonix Investigate, automatically gathers context-rich data from internal and external sources, saving analysts an estimated 15 minutes per incident.

InvestigateRX then transforms this data into a coherent, context-aware summary, empowering analysts to make informed decisions with greater speed, accuracy and efficacy. No more searching for information – InvestigateRX delivers it directly to your analysts, where they need it most.

Insider Threat Psycholinguistics: Unmask hidden intent

Securonix EON introduces another industry first: Insider Threat Psycholinguistics. This groundbreaking feature leverages AWS Bedrock and Anthropic’s Claude 3 LLM to analyze a user’s language to infer their intent, which once correlated with observed activities, and uncover potential malicious activity with better accuracy than ever before. Think of it as a TLDR for user intent, providing valuable insights into a user’s actions and motivations.

Insider Threat Psycholinguistics calculates probabilities of malicious insider activities in key categories like financial crimes and obfuscation, providing entity and activity-based risk scoring to revolutionize your insider threat hunting capabilities.

And this is just the beginning. Throughout 2024, Securonix will continue to release even more advanced AI-Reinforced features within Securonix EON. 

Excited to learn more?

  • Join us at the RSA Conference 2024 in San Francisco, May 6th-9th at Booth #1127 as we enter a new era of AI-Reinforced CyberOps. Request to meet with Securonix during the conference to learn more about CyberOps of 2025 and Beyond. 
  • Explore our new homepage and Securonix EON product pages to get in-depth information about Securonix EON and the power of AI-Reinforced CyberOps.

Don’t be Outmatched. Stay ahead of AI-powered and sophisticated adversarial attacks with Securonix EON! 

Securonix EON Infographic
Securonix EON: A New Era of AI–Reinforced CyberOps