Why Did Capital One Ventures Invest in Securonix?

This blog post features an interview with Jay Emmanuel, Partner at Capital One Ventures in Data & Enterprise Tech, Security & Identity.


Short Introduction for Jay Emmanuel

Jay leads Cyber Security and Infrastructure investments for Capital One.  He has over 20 years of experience across the technology stack. During those years he has been an engineer, early startup founder, and strategic investor. Jay has been credited with playing a key role in shaping In-Q-Tel, the strategic investment arm of the Intelligence Community, into an established and well-respected investment company. As Chief Architect at In-Q-Tel he served as a thought leader and technology strategist to the most senior leaders in the US Intelligence Communities. Prior to In-Q-Tel, Jay was a technologist and worked in various engineering leadership roles in both large companies and startups.

Jay has a Masters in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park.



Q: Tell us about Capital One Ventures.

A: Capital One Ventures is a strategic investor, funding startups that are radically transforming the future of data, technology, and financial services.

Since we were founded in 2014, Capital One Ventures has invested in more than 50 companies that are empowering consumers and businesses through digital commerce, protecting systems to defend against fraud, leveraging cloud computing, and harnessing the power of data with AI and machine learning.

Capital One Ventures creates symbiotic relationships between Capital One and its portfolio of startups to tackle technical challenges, spark innovation, and facilitate partnerships at scale.


Q: How did Capital One pick Securonix for investment?

A: There are three main reasons that we chose to invest in Securonix. The first is scale. Capital One is a large organization with a vast amount of data. As we looked at the market, we found that Securonix was best positioned to handle the scale and volumes of data that Capital One generates and consumes.

The second reason was their cloud native architecture and strong analytics. Specifically, Securonix’s ability to provide deep analytics on our cyber data and ensure that our cyber personnel are equipped with the best possible analytical tools.

And the final reason was that they have demonstrated strong growth. Securonix has demonstrated strong traction from both a market and customer acquisition perspective and is emerging as a leader in the security information and event management (SIEM) market.


Q: Tell us about your role as the Securonix Board Observer.

A: There are several ways in which Capital One can support Securonix. We have a wealth of experience on the cloud, and, as an investor, we have a deep understanding of the enterprise scale required of technologies and companies that Capital One can successfully deploy. We’ll use this insight to help guide the company’s product road map as it works to capture other large enterprise customers. We can also support when it comes to partnerships. We see a wide swath of startups and can help identify ones with complementary attributes that could be beneficial partners.


To learn more about Capital One Ventures’ investment in Securonix, check out our Press Release.

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