Chances are your current SIEM is not meeting your cybersecurity needs. It may just be a log management and query tool, not a comprehensive security solution. Or maybe it has been acquired by a technology provider not fully committed to cybersecurity and now is a good time to choose a smart analytics solution that is agile, scalable and cost effective.

Securonix Unified Defence SIEM is an industry-leading SIEM solution capable of replacing your SIEM at a lower cost and with better results. Here’s why.

Big vendor lock-in has become a challenge with large providers whose products create environments that make it difficult to migrate data and update the tech stack. Securonix offers an agile and secure cloud-native alternative that provides flexibility and stability no matter where your data lives.

Securonix is a 4x Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in the SIEM space. With innovation at the core of its offerings, Securonix provides more value with accurate and efficient TDIR capabilities.

Securonix Unified Defence SIEM has leading-edge AI and analytics capabilities far superior to legacy SIEM features that may be obsolete.

Migrating to Securonix ensures more value from your deployment and access to the latest cybersecurity  innovations. Acquired vendors in big tech companies often slow down on their innovation and development roadmap resulting in poor performance in cybersecurity.

Top 3 benefits of migrating your Securonix deployment

In this blog post, we’ll walk through some of the key benefits and considerations for migrating from your current SIEM to Securonix. We’ll also cover what you need to prepare to ensure your migration happens on time and under budget.

Securonix named a Leader for the 4th consecutive year in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management

The complexity of hybrid environments makes it challenging for security operations teams to ingest security-related data at scale and control costs, effectively manage security tools, and act against advanced threats. Download the Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management and discover why Securonix was named a Leader for the fourth consecutive year in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management.

Best Practices for Insider Threat Management

The 2024 Insider Threat Report presents the challenging nature of insider threat that organizations face, while focusing on understanding the factors driving these threats, their detection and mitigation complexities, and the effectiveness of insider threat programs. Discover insights into how organizations are adapting to effectively counter and lower the impact of these evolving internal security risks.

Securonix: the smarter SIEM

Large security platforms fail to deliver and put customers in a vendor lock-in situation. From the SOC leader to the analyst, Securonix solves the challenge of detecting and responding to threats that are continuously evolving by empowering them with best-of-breed technologies that are built specifically for cybersecurity.

3 Reasons Customers Choose Securonix Over Other SIEMs

  • Eliminate Blind Spots

    Securonix is the only SIEM that offers automated sweeps to detect indicators of compromise hidden in your long-term historical data.

  • Reduce Complexity and High Costs

    Securonix offers a cost-effective, single-tier storage model that reduces complexity and enables powerful on-demand search capabilities.

  • Take a Community Approach to Security

    Securonix is the only SIEM that takes a proactive approach to defense with collaborative tools that allow you to leverage the knowledge of your peers and partners.

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