Securonix Announces Adversary Behavior Analytics Capability for Preemptive Threat Detection and Response

Company Signs OEM Agreement with Adversary Behavior Analytics Provider Opora to Deliver Automated Action to Prevent Adversary Attacks and Contain Threats


ADDISON, Texas – October 22, 2020 – Securonix, a leader in Next-Gen SIEM, today announced it signed an OEM agreement with Opora, a next-generation cybersecurity provider that uses pre-attack adversary behavior analytics to protect organizations from emerging threats. The partnership provides customers Securonix Adversary Behavior Analytics (ABA), an advanced capability that helps organizations protect mission critical assets by monitoring adversary behavior and delivering automated, preemptive actions that prevent attacks and help contain adversary threats.

Securonix’s Next-Gen SIEM combines log management, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and security incident response into a complete, end-to-end security operations platform. It leverages patented machine learning algorithms to detect threats and provide incident response capabilities for fast remediation. Opora’s Adversary Behavior Analytics provides a continuous view of cyber adversaries, exposing and monitoring their attack infrastructure and delivering proactive action to thwart attacks at the source.

“Threat actors are constantly shifting their methods to find new ways to compromise organizations and monetize their efforts,” said Nanda Santhana, Senior VP of Cybersecurity Solutions, Securonix. “By proactively monitoring this behavior and taking the right preventative measures, cybersecurity teams can maintain an incredible advantage in protecting their assets. This partnership with Opora brings a new, preemptive threat intelligence capability to our customers to help them understand tomorrow’s attacks today, and proactively respond based on that information.”

The joint solution combines Opora’s Adversary Behavior Analytics with Securonix’s Next-Gen SIEM to deliver customers end-to-end visibility into adversary behavior, helping preempt attacks before they happen, contain attacks in progress, and deter the adversaries behind the attacks. Securonix’s SIEM ingests data from Opora’s platform, providing the context needed to deliver rapid alert prioritization, resulting in fewer false positives and accelerating targeted and orchestrated adversary attack counter measures. This unique combination of capabilities empowers joint customers to secure remote employees and defend against the most common attack methods, such as business email compromise, ransomware and fraud.

“The majority of adversaries are uncontested and free to explore new ways to penetrate organizations and compromise valuable assets,” said Chris Bell, Co-founder & CEO, Opora. “By combining Opora’s Adversary Behavior Analytics with Securonix’s SIEM, customers gain the level of visibility needed to maintain a preemptive advantage over malicious actors and benefit from next-level protection against sophisticated attacks.”

Securonix established the OEM partnership with Opora in September 2020, and the joint capabilities are currently available to customers. To learn more, please visit


About Opora

Opora Technologies Inc. is the leading provider of adversary behavior analytics (ABA) and preemptive security solutions. Opora monitors, analyzes, and translates adversary behavior into preemptive actions so CISOs and their teams can prepare for and preempt attacks while deterring their adversaries. Opora customers include leading organizations across financial services, pharmaceuticals, energy, and retail. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


About Securonix

Securonix is redefining SIEM for today’s hybrid cloud, data-driven enterprise. Built on big data architecture, Securonix delivers SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, Security Data Lake, NTA and vertical-specific applications as a pure SaaS solution with unlimited scalability and no infrastructure cost. Securonix reduces noise and prioritizes high fidelity alerts with behavioral analytics technology that pioneered the UEBA category. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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