Securonix Integrates with ServiceNow to Reduce Mean Time to Respond to Security Incidents

ADDISON, Texas – October 2, 2018 – Securonix, the award-winning market leader in next-generation SIEM and user and entity behavior analytics, today announced integration with ServiceNow to deliver a robust solution for security monitoring and response.

This joint solution integrates the Securonix SaaS or on-premises platform with ServiceNow’s Security Incident Response or IT Service Management solutions to enable rapid detection and response to cyber threats. By combining the context enrichment and advanced threat detection of Securonix with the security incident management, workflow, and orchestration features of ServiceNow, SOC analysts, forensic investigators, and CSIRT teams have a single collaborative solution that significantly reduces the mean time to respond to threats.

“This use case is commonly requested by our clients, so I’m excited to see this Securonix integration reach the market,” said Odin Olson, head of business development for ServiceNow Security and Risk. “The detections from Securonix are a valuable part of the broader security response activities that ServiceNow automates in helping power incident response. Given the excitement surrounding SOAR right now, the timing is fantastic.”

“Organizations are rapidly adopting a cloud-first strategy with mission critical applications and migrating data to the cloud, so it is only natural to adopt security monitoring and response as a service in the cloud,” said Mel Shakir, VP of product development at Securonix. “The integration of the Securonix Cloud platform with ServiceNow enables organizations to rapidly detect and respond to threats without the overhead of manual escalations and configuration management.”

Today’s cyberattacks, if not contained quickly, can spread rapidly and result in significant losses. This joint solution enables organizations to rapidly respond to and contain cyber threats in their environment. By doing so, organizations can limit their damage in terms of data loss, availability, compliance violations, and ultimately, financial losses.

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Securonix is redefining the next generation of security monitoring using the power of machine learning and big data. Built on Hadoop, the Securonix solution provides unlimited scalability and log mgmt., behavior analytics based advanced threat detection, and intelligent incident response on a single platform. Globally, customers use Securonix to address their insider threat, cyber threat, cloud security, fraud, and application security monitoring requirements.


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