Meet Findlay Whitelaw, Senior Director of Securonix’s Insider Threat Program

Securonix is excited to announce the appointment of Findlay Whitelaw as Senior Director of our Insider Threat Program. In her new role, Findlay will lead strategy for Securonix’s Insider Threat Program, focusing on helping new and existing customers set up their programs, identify quick wins, plan and achieve long-term goals, and establish insider threat program roadmaps.

Findlay brings a practitioner perspective to establishing and strengthening Insider Threat programs. This gives our customers unique expertise and helps them eliminate potential operational pitfalls. Benefits include balancing not just how to approach the deployment of the technology but knitting together the thought leadership, strategy, governance, risk assessments, and operational processes underpinning successful insider threat program deployments.

Before joining Securonix, Findlay worked at a large UK-based financial services organization where she was responsible for running the Joint Security Operations Centre, including physical and cyber 24/7 operations, as well as Threat Hunting, DLP, Insider, eDiscovery, Business Engagement, and Operational Governance Teams. In addition, she sponsored the broader Insider Threat Program, designing, deploying, and operationalizing insider threat strategies. Throughout her tenure, Findlay held several senior leadership roles, including responsibility for DLP operations, DLP & UBA Technical Development, DLP & Insider Threat Projects, Security Operations Strategy & Governance, and Insider Threat Investigations.

“Insider threats have remained persistently active over the last 12 months. We’re thrilled to add a trusted voice in the insider threat community to the Securonix team and continue our commitment to being a trusted partner and vendor for customers,” said Vidit Arora, Vice President of Global Technology Strategy, at Securonix. “With her wealth of experience in the field, Findlay’s depth of knowledge, experience, insights, and expertise will be invaluable to our new and existing customer base.”

Key initiatives that Findlay will focus on at Securonix include:

  • Share best practices through thought leadership publications and engagements, including blogs, webinars, eBooks, and other materials.
  • Develop holistic and novel insider threat strategies, including content generation, to support our customers’ setup and strengthen their internal Insider threat programs
  • Set up and facilitate an Insider Threat Customer Advisory Forum, creating a safe space to discuss the insider threat landscape, insider threat publications, product updates, and review use cases.
  • Undertake customer behavioral use case reviews, validating value add policies, remove behavioral policy failure demand within customer operations as well, as look to identify and enhance existing behavioral rule sets
  • Develop a customer self-assessment insider threat maturity question bank on our internal customer portal to identify operational areas of focus when deploying a holistic insider threat program

Organizations face greater risk as threats in an evolving, perimeter-less environment are now more complex and sophisticated. As more organizations increasingly rely on cloud infrastructure, insiders leverage cloud apps and platforms to steal data. To learn how to secure your organization from insider threats, download the 2022 Securonix Threat Report.

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