Weaponizing Data

Published on March 16, 2016

In this video, Terry Roberts from speaks with Brian Contos, Securonix’s Chief Security Strategist, about some of the trending topics from RSA 2016. Weaponizing Data Low-contrast Enemies such as Malicious Insiders Security Analytics Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

CISOs must quickly adapt to any situation

Published on March 8, 2016

As most senior security executives know, the era of locked down static security no longer holds relevance in today’s networked world where increased connectivity and collaboration in the commercial space have superseded the need for tightly controlled security. This is not to say security is not looked upon with importance,...

I Need a New Song….

Published on February 24, 2016

My life has changed dramatically in the last year in many ways.  Professionally, that change has reached the one year milestone this week as a proud member of the Securonix team.  In this time as the Chief Architect, I have been responsible for architecture standards, security hardening, sizing and capacity planning, as...

Retaining security talent by embracing distributed team management

Published on February 22, 2016

Ask anyone in a security leadership role about their team and you’ll likely find that the great majority are struggling. They are struggling because finding security talent is increasingly hard and keeping that talent is even harder. This is one of the key reasons many organizations are embracing a distributed...

How to convince the CFO of the budgetary security need

Published on February 12, 2016

It had been custom for organizations to think of cybersecurity in terms of an information technology (IT) problem best left to IT people to address and fix. However, as more prolific breaches were publicized exposing a variety of sensitive personal, financial, and intellectual property-related data, it became clear that this...

Why I Joined Securonix

Published on February 4, 2016

I decided to join Securonix in January, 2016. Like any career change, I made this one with as much care and diligence as possible. This isn’t my first security startup rodeo; I’ve been helping to build security companies for almost 20 years and I have been lucky enough to be...

EU Gets Serious About Cyber Security

Published on January 21, 2016

By Brian Contos, VP & Chief Strategy Officer, Securonix In a vote of 34 to 2, European Union rules regarding cyber security for critical services such as energy, finance, healthcare and even online services have been informally agreed on and are ready for endorsement by the Council and the full...

Encryption Debate

Published on December 17, 2015

The encryption debate keeps raging on And while its entertainment value cannot match Republican presidential debate, both sides mean well and bring up compelling (for each side) arguments. Technical aspect of this debate is interesting, and political one is unavoidable, but as FBI director James Comey said at a Senate...

Insider Attacks Were the Most Costly Breaches of 2015

Published on October 7, 2015

Insiders pose tremendous risk to organizations, according to the most recent Ponemon Report. Malicious insiders were not the most common source of attacks last year, but they were the most costly. According to 2015 data, insider attacks cost companies about $144,000 per incident. Containing and resolving the complexities associated with...

Cleanup on Aisle IPO – Reacting to an impulsive insider threat

Published on August 14, 2015

An email mistakenly sent to the wrong employee provided the basis for a frantic incident response to a possible insider threat at the corporate headquarters of one of the largest fitness companies in the United States, just days before their IPO that raised over 200 million USD. A payroll manager...