What Customers Like About a Next-Generation SIEM

With many organizations pursuing a cloud-first strategy in the next few years, enhancing security is a critical priority. Moving to the cloud means having the ability to monitor infrastructure, applications, and data across multiple cloud environments. Legacy SIEMs cannot meet the requirements of distributed architectures across multiple clouds—but innovative next-generation SIEM solutions can. We’ll explain why Securonix customers say a next-generation SIEM is the best solution. 

First here’s what users are saying about Securonix Next-Gen SIEM in Gartner’s Peer Insights

“Brilliant, powerful next-gen SIEM with a strong and helpful support team behind it.” (March 2022)

“Securonix feels like a very mature platform in the SIEM space and with its next-gen capabilities truly shines above the rest.” — Infrastructure and Operations Manager, Services Industry 

This user especially likes the pre-packaged use cases in their SaaS deployment, which makes customer onboarding easier. They also like that the platform is easy to use and provides quick investigations and incident response.

“The most comprehensive SIEM solution I have seen.” (August 2021)

“This product is a very comprehensive and all-encompassing next-generation SIEM solution. The integration is seamless with their comprehensive suite of out-of-the-box connectors. It can integrate with almost any log source.” — Consultant, Enterprise, Service Industry

This user finds the ease of integration and unique analytics capabilities in their hybrid cloud deployment, including user behavior-based and big data analytics useful.

“Securonix is a trusted partner in our UEBA journey.” (February 2022)

“We have partnered with Securonix for many years. From an early on-prem deployment, as one of the first cloud customers, and finally on to steady-state cloud usage. My team is always poised to support our current implementation and strategically assist us in getting to the next level of maturity.” — Senior Manager, Security and Risk Management

This user appreciates the technical support they receive from the Securonix team.

What is a next-generation SIEM? 

Security information and event management (SIEM) supports threat detection and security incident response through the real-time collection and historical analysis of security events from various event and contextual data sources. (Gartner

Today organizations manage massive and dynamic amounts of data in the cloud and on-premises. Organizations need to scale up or down, and relying on database storage doesn’t provide the scalability they require. Legacy SIEM often falls short in these requirements while also risking vendor lock-in. 

Here’s where next-generation SIEM solutions come in. Next-Gen SIEM can manage terabytes of data in real time and adapt to sudden demand requirements. The open data model increases the availability of your data, and since it is cloud-based, it eliminates the need for costly proprietary hardware. 

Why customers choose next-generation SIEM 

What makes a great next-generation SIEM solution? Securonix is a perfect example. According to Gartner peer reviews over the last 12 months, 97% of users recommend Securonix Next-Gen SIEM.

Image Source: Reviews of Securonix in Gartner Peer Insights over a 12-month period ending July 2022.

Here are the top next-generation SIEM features users like according to Gartner Peer Insight reviews:   

Real-time monitoring

Securonix Next-Gen SIEM monitors and gathers data in real time, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect any malicious activity or threat indicators. A next-generation SIEM also includes incident response capabilities for fast remediation.

Threat intelligence 

Securonix uses threat intelligence and modeling to map MITRE ATT&CK frameworks. Security teams can benefit from extensive threat intel and research from Securonix Threat Labs which delivers the latest threat content straight to your dashboard, so your SOC always has the latest information. 

Behavior profiling

Securonix uses machine learning and advanced analytics to create profiles of what is normal behavior for users or entities accessing your systems. Using this baseline, you can identify abnormal behavior that may indicate malicious activity. 

Data and user monitoring

Securonix Next-Gen SIEM monitors and tracks all users’ network activity, devices, and applications. You gain visibility and transparency across your infrastructure and can detect threats coming from any device. 


Analytics are critical for an effective SIEM solution. Analytics are what makes the data valuable—you can distinguish between normal behavior and an actual threat by providing context and meaning to the activity in your environment. 

Who is using Next-Gen SIEM? 

What are the use cases for Securonix Next-Gen SIEM? Here are some statistics that give you a closer look at who our customers are: 

  • 60% of users are medium or large companies sized from $50M to $10B USD.
  • Over half of users (52%) come from the services industry. 
  • The main markets are North America (43%) and Asia (36%). 

What to look for when choosing a next-generation SIEM 

While next-generation SIEM offers clear advantages over traditional SIEM, there are certain aspects you need to consider when choosing the right next-generation SIEM solution. 

It takes giving up a bit of control 

A next-generation SIEM is cloud native by nature. The vendor ensures that the infrastructure and resources are highly available. However, these benefits mean you need to give up some control to take advantage of this improved availability, reliability, and security. Organizations that need to have more control over their data can use a “bring your own cloud” model, where they keep the data in their cloud storage. 

Understand the regulations applicable to your industry

Any organization planning to migrate to a cloud-native SIEM should consider any applicable regulatory requirements and constraints. For instance, data privacy laws and data governance can require some modifications to your migration. 

Check your bandwidth

Yes, your bandwidth is critical to your SIEM operation. Your next-generation SIEM requires enough bandwidth to gather and analyze massive amounts of data across your IT environment. 

Evaluate whether your framework is compatible with your cloud

Your organization’s requirements will determine which cloud model you choose. You may choose a single, multi-cloud, or hybrid strategy. For instance, a hybrid cloud could be a better fit for organizations that require keeping some resources and data on-premises due to regulatory needs. In other cases, multi-cloud solutions are the answer. 

What’s different about Securonix Next-Gen SIEM?

Securonix is the most innovative Next-Gen SIEM in the market, re-engineering the solution to address the needs of today’s organizations. What makes Securonix different from competitors?

  • Securonix is cloud-native. This means users get the benefits of scalability, reliability, and efficiency. Tenants have the operational flexibility of a dynamic and scalable solution. In addition, Securonix’s shared responsibility models provide a solution for organizations with regulatory requirements.
  • Next-Gen SIEM’s SaaS model lets customers save by avoiding the need to invest in on-premises infrastructure. 
  • Its modular architecture ensures you can choose the deployment option that fits you best. 
  • Industry-leading analytics allow comprehensive threat detection while minimizing traditional SIEM solution false positives and noise. 

Organizations are trying to maintain their cybersecurity posture when moving to the cloud to benefit from its advantages. Resiliency, scalability, low infrastructure costs, and improved efficiency give you peace of mind in a distributed environment. Learn more about Securonix Next-Gen SIEM and why customers rate Securonix at the top of Gartner’s peer reviews list.

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